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skis for my girlfriend

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I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for my girfriend. She is prob. a level 7/8 skier but doesn't have that aggressive mindset so skis more like a 6/7. Can ski the entire mountain but the tougher double black stuff takes her a while. Enjoys carving groomers, bumps, trees and pow (everything really). I would say she skis 65% on various terrain and 35% on groomers. She is prob. 5'4" maybe 130ish??? Not really sure and am smart enough not to ask haha. I would say she would prob. enjoy an all-mt ski that still floats well in the powder mabe a waist anywhere from 75-85 (i know thats not fat for todays standards) but still has a great edge hold. I think the better edge hold/transition from edge to edge would give her more confidance in her abilities. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cost isn't really an issue. Thanks, Drew.
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Hi Drew.
There are so many great options out there that she may love, so my first suggestion is demo.

Two skis that should not be missed on her demo list are the Blizzard Titan Eos (88 waist) and the Nordica Olympia Conquer(84) waist.

Of those two, and based on your description of her, I'd say the Nordica Conquer is likely going to give her the most grins.

Again, Boots first then demo!
post #3 of 8 has quite a few Heads that might work. The 07 Wild Thang has a 77 waist, the 08 Wild Thang has an 80 waist, and the 08 Sweet Fat Thang has an 87 waist. All are good prices, as well.
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Segbrown, those are all good suggestions. I skied the 08 Wildthang at Stowe, Demo'd from SkierShop, Whiteroom.
It was a bunch of fun in the bumps and trees. Nice ski!
The only area it didn't excel was at speed, but that is not its intention.
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I would have her try the Public Enemy... It's a super easy-to-ride ski and also good for intro to off-piste. I tried them at Breck and was a blast in freakin everything. Good times on those sticks, guaranteed.
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Well I'm a K2 girl myself, so I'm going to suggest the K2 Lotta Luvs. Looks like she's in for a big day of demos!
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I appreciate all the suggestions. DoWork, I actually ski the PEs and she did demp those one day but I thinkt he ones she got where too long for her so she wasn't nuts about them. I love mine though. Thanks again
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Well after demoing quite a few she has finally decided on the K2 lotta luvs. Going to get them tonight. Thanks again for everyones advice.
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