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Mantra or Gotama

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Hey guys i posted a thread recently asking about an off piste ski an i have now narrowed down my choice to volkl mantra or gotama and cant decide. as i said before im around 145 pounds 5'9 i think. i would say im an aggressive skier, i never really cruise im allways skiing as hard as i can. I would say im around expert level. according to that ski level descriptor thing that some of you rate Your selves on i think im a 9 (not sure if im using same scale as every one else so yeah) any way looking for primaraly powder board (i allready have bandit B78 and they are alot of fun but im looking for somthing more specific with more performance). Must be able to handle crudy, ratty and wind affected snow as well as fresh. ow an it would be nice if it can shred massive turns on Groomers too. alot to ask i guess but i here there both up to the job
I luv to GS in pow im just worried that when i get into tighter situations (as alot of the pow skiing i do is in trees) that i may not be able to muscle the bigger Gotama around, plus im not really interested in riding switch at all so the twin tip is not consideration.

ow an 2 things i would like to clear up about mantra
does the mantra dive at all, cause you know having two sheets of titanium i assume its pritty stiff?
an do the tips chatter at high speed?

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Everything you are describing says MANTRA.
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I haven't skied the Gotomas so I can't comment on them.
The Mantras are extremely stable at high speed. The faster you ski the more it feels like a GS carver... it can carve pretty damn good if the pilot knows how to get the best out of them.

As for dive in powder, well, my view is it can happen with any ski. In my opinion, tip dive is more of an indication of ski technique/ability than the actual ski. Sure some skis perform better/easier but a good skier adapts to the conditions.

"It's not the tools, it's the carpenter"
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the Mantra...stable at speeds, built like a gs ski
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I have the Goats and I love them. I', 5'7" 170# and skied them in Utah in a 176. Great in powder, great in groomers. I left my 169 Bridges at home because I thought they were too siff for the western groomers. The Goats were perfect and I never pulled out my 169 K2 PEs. However, I left the Bridges at home because they ski like a GS ski which I assume is like the Mantra. For powder out west I would go with the Gotama. I went down tighter turns with it than I would go out East with a narrower ski, but then again the conditions were different. If I could only take one pair of skis out west under your coditions, I would go with the Gotamas.
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Goat Goat Goat!

On 1/29 I bought a pair of the '07/08 Gotamas and I LOVE THEM! Similar to your last ski, my other set of skis is a 2006 B2, which is a great ski, but not so good in powder (they dive). I wanted to expand my quiver so I wanted a wide waisted ski that would kill on powder days. I am 6', 200 lbs.

Before purchase I demoed a 183 Katana and a 183 Gotama. I hit the Jan 5th dump out here at Squaw with the Katana and it was a powder chomping beast! I really liked the ski but I found the ski a little bit heavy. Its stiffness PLOWED through crud, but its heaviness made them feel very damp. I also hit a few icy spots near the lift line and I thought I might die because it had very little edge hold. From what I've read, the construction of the Katana is similar to the Mantra. I would expect the same dampness from the Katana, but more nimbleness due to a bigger side cut.

I then demoed the Gotama the following two weekends, and also have 2 more days on my new skis. Holy frijoles, what a great ski. Its more flexy than the Katana, so it doesn't plow crud the same was, but it floats SUPER nice in powder and its softer tail makes it "turnyer". I skiied chutes, open slopes, off of cornices, through trees and it all was awesome. I also skiied it on some groomers as well, and it carves very nicely and I did not find a "max speed". It has much better edge hold then that Katana.

In summary, the Gotama is a perfect ski for powder days, and skiing crud. If I were to get a pure powder only ski, I would consider the Katana, but there are also other fatter, more dedicated powder skis that are a lot more turney that I may consider. The Katana is really for pointing straight down the mountain and putting on the afterburner and not for turning, which I like to do. The Gotama is a great all-mountain-with-snow ski.

I would like the Mantra would have nice stiffness for groomers, but in the deeper snow the flexyness of the Goats is pretty fun and it still allows decent performance on groomers.

I say diversity that quiver! Get a flexyer powder ski! If only skiing groomers, I'd say get the Mantra.
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ok all good advice i really appreciate it. At the moment i am looking at the Gotama simply because my other skis allready have the diversity that the mantra has so i can afford to have a more specific ski.

when i said GSing in power i made a mistake i would prefer to do much larger turns where the space and conditions permitt. i.e. in pow in open bowls does the gotama hold up in this style of open turns? (i assume it must with a 23 m turning radius)

ow and i here the gotama is still reasonbly stiff for a powder board is that true?
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The Gotama does well when pointed straight down hill. When you try to turn really sharp, the tails flex and you kinda spin real fast, so I wouldn't say it lends itself to longer turns.

Best thing to do would be to Demo I'd say. Though, I will say there are some retailers who have already dropped prices...

I don't like a flexy ski, and the Gotama is probably about as flexy as I'd go. I think that by reputation I've also heard its resonable stiff, but I haven't demoed many flexy skis because I don't like them. The Gotama does have a "normal" camber (not reverse or flat) so its tips and tails are not wagging all over the place like you'd have on a reverse camber ski like the K2 Pontoon.
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181cm Scott P4.

Better float than a mantra or Gotama, better crud performance than the gotama and equal hard snow carving to the Mantra. Get the best of both... for less money.
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Originally Posted by jazz768 View Post
when i said GSing in power i made a mistake i would prefer to do much larger turns where the space and conditions permitt. i.e. in pow in open bowls does the gotama hold up in this style of open turns? (i assume it must with a 23 m turning radius)
You're not edgeing in powder, so the sidecut of the ski and hence it's turn radius have very little to no effect. So the answer to your question is, yes as long as you round out your turns instead of quick pivot turns. The wider the ski the easier it will be because you'll be floating on top.
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Gotama... stiff is not good if you're skiing pow. The goats have just the right flex to perform in pow & still carve arcs on the groomers. The mantras are too stiff to be a powder ski. Its prolly more of a fat gs ski than a powder board.

And yeah, the goats will ski tight trees just fine. I'm 135lbs on the 168's.
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yeah i think i might be going with the gotama 176, sounds like they would be perferct for me. has any one here mounted freerides or dukes on them to go skining cause im thinking about doing that.

also i here the top sheats on gotamas arnt to hot in terms of quality is that true?
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Jazz - You are overthinking this. (A) You really ought to demo. (B) Get the Goat if you want a soft-snow bias and the Mantra if you want something a tad better on hard-snow. I own both and spend more time on the Gotamas. Also quality on both is very high, so I'm not sure where the topsheet questions are coming from. I'm on my second pair and haven't had any durability problems.
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Any conventional side cut fat ski can make huge turns on groomers and GS the pow assuming you have the technique. Wider skis are easier to turn in the trees, you float higher and can pivot more.

I agree with the scott P4 suggestion, its stable if you stand on it, but can still be slarved in the trees more or less depending on the mount. Never skied the goat but I am sure it will rock as well.
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Originally Posted by burrgos View Post
If only skiing groomers, I'd say get the Mantra.
Ridiculous! If skiing only groomers, no need for anything wider than about 75mm in the waist.

Unless, of course, you need to have way too much ski for the application, like driving a huge SUV on asphalt.
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Back to the OP, Mantras rock in trees, bumpy chop you find in there. Goats are fine too, but slower. And FWIW, the stiffness of a ski is primarily a function of the glass and wood, not the metal. Metal influences ski dampness, can fine tune torsional characteristics. There are threads on this here, do a search.
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Gotama all the way, no question. If you were only going to be skiing one, then maybe the mantra.
I'm your size and weight and ski the 176. Awesome-stable, fast, maneuvrable.
Absolutely rips the groomers, crud, etc.
That said, I recommend a smaller ski for everyday, non soft snow. These things will handle it, but I expend about 2x the energy of a "all mountain" ski. But you have that! Get the gots and rip the pow.
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Squawbomber i allready have an all mountain ski so its fine

Bandit Man I know I sound like Im over thinking it, I will def go an demo a set when I, just because its a great ski does not mean ill like it so yeah im gonna demo. Ow and the top sheets thing came from a mate of mine he just said the have a tendency to peel plus i heard some stuff about it on here any way top sheets are not that important just thought id ask.

Beyond, when i talk about stiffness Im talking about the longitudinal stiffness not is torsional stiffness, ie the stiffness from one end to the other
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Gotama skis more terrain and conditions better than mantra. Plus 176 gotama is long enough to be stable for you where as the 177cm mantra might kick your butt alittle.
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