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And the winner is?

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Hey fellow ski addicts I was curious to see what your top choices are . I figure most of us are not bias, or getting paid to advertise and I’m curious to see what everyone’s favorites are. Maybe it will give some ideas of new places to ski or equipment to try. Since everyone here seems like a die hard skier, or one time die hard. I am curious to see what you think is the best of the best and why. Here are my favorites:
Best in the east for bumps, Killington. Outer Limits
Best in east for Trees, Jay peak (That’s easy) The whole place is covered in trees
Best in the east for steeps, Sugarloaf. The Snow fields are way steep.
Best in the east for groomers, Gunstock. They groom three times a day!
Best in the east for powder?, Jay Peak. 571 in. last year! :
Most challenging in the east, Mad River Glen. 10 foot wide trails, with rocks!!
Best après-ski, Killington. live bands, great food, plenty of bars
Best restaurant at a ski resort, Santa Fe at Killington. Cesar salad bar and T-bone steaks
I never been out west so I can’t comment about it.
Favorite skis, Rossi mountain vipers. Good on ice, great in bumps. Not to good at high speeds.
Favorite boots Salomon x wave 8. From park to peak they do it all. Soft enough to play firm enough to fly.
So what our your favorites? [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've got a question about the Mt. Vipers.
A friend (who desperately needs new skis this year) and I were in a ski shop recently and had a pair of last years mens Vipers. She is a conservative skier and likes the bumps. Other than being very conservative, she is an accomplished skier with good technique. I thought they were way too stiff for bump skiing and talked her out of them. The ski shop guy was pushing these over the new Volkl G2 20/20. What do ya think? Should I call them back and reconsider? Currently she is on Hart Javelins, a noodle compared to the Vipers.
I have skied the Vipers, and did think they were stiff, but I didn't ski them much and didn't take them everywhere.

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You did good Arby. I ski on 191 Mt Vipers and they are a real bear in tight moguls. Heavy and stiff just doesn't quite get it there. I like them because they are real good in all kinds of groomed and ungroomed intermediate conditions, but they aren't much for bumps.
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