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First MA, be gentle

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The video is from Big Powderhorn in MI this last week. I'm not really working on anything in particular, just having fun. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.
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42 views and not one comment. Apparentley I'm better than I thought!
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Actually, your just ok. If the Video was more revealing it would help. I like you skiing perhaps working on getting higher edge angles would be my main focus at this point. Lightening your inside ski (flexing) and more counter.
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As above...

...hard to tell much, but it looks fine for this kind of buffed out, mostly blue arena. Lots of heel pushing and a fairly narrow stance, not much edge angle, which probably won't cut it when things get steep and gnarly...I could say a million things, but it's pretty much dependent on where you want to go...
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Not too bad. Nice relaxed skiing. Good angles. Open up a bit. Get the hands forward more, bend the uphill leg a bit more. Use the WHOLE hill and rip some longer radius turns. Speed is your friend.
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I see some nice high edge angles and great angulation in the fall line. You left a nice set of carved tracks in front of the camera. There are also lots of little signs of great skiing like level hands, consistent speed control and a good rhythm.

The biggest opportunity for you to move to the next level is your turn initiation. Your first move is moving the upper body into the new turn. The most commonly successful route to improvement is to focus on finishing your turns with your skis out of all the fall line more. This will help you achieve more feel of getting your feet more involved in turn initiation (e.g. tipping the feet onto the new edge angle versus having the upper body pull the feet onto the new edge angle). There are other signs of opportunities for improvement like your weight a little back as you leave the last turn, some skidding, some sequentialness of edge change, some variation in stance width and the items noted by the racers. Because a lot of these items fit together, working on any of these can also yield rewards.

You don't need to do anything with this skiing. As sr55 says - "where do you want to go?"
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I'm with therusty on this; tipping the feet first is where you want to be....and your movements are all connected to a rear-ward stance.

To get your tipping goig, you're going to have to get more forward. The "dragging the edges up to their angle" is the only option if your stance is to the rear.

So, I'd work on fore/aft balance first. The result will be tipping will be easier. You may find that working on tipping will cause you to move more forwards. In either case, getting your hips over your feet so there is pressure on the skis at the start of the turn is key.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for all the responses. You've definitely given me some things to think about. I'm going to work on widening my stance a little, getting more centered over my skis, and tipping my skis.

I'm also going to try to get some video of more agressively carved turns on some black runs. I want to see if my stance widens any and if my edge angles increase which I think(hope) they will.

I did notice after watching the video a lot that my left ski tends to move closer to the right one when turns to the left. Could this be a result of my right leg being slightly shorter than my left? Maybe I need to bend my left knee more to compensate and keep a uniform distance?
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Is your right leg shorter than your left? Alignment issues can cause this. But this is also quite common when turn initiation starts up top instead of at the feet. If the method you use for getting your skis on edge is to pull them on edge by moving the upper body across the skis, then sliding the inside ski closer to the outside ski helps the upper body pull the inside ski on edge sooner. When you tip your feet as the center of mass moves to the inside of the new turn, you won't need to slide the ski to get it on edge sooner.
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