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Advice on changing lenses in Oakley Wisdom Goggles

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Hey there,

This is my first post on the Barking Bear Forum, but I have been admiring from a distance for years.....and Australia is about as distant as you can get...its also not very conducive to skiing here at the moment 38 degrees Centigrade - thats over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for you non-metric folk.

My gear question is as follows: Just bought a pair of gold iridium lenses for my Oakley Wisdom Goggles....cost me the earth, but I thought it would be worth it....Now, I have changed plenty of lenses in the older O-frame and E-frame goggles with relative ease, but, the new Wisdom lenses were comparatively difficult to insert. Does anyone have any tips/instructions on how best to get these things into the frame? Please note, that I do realise these lenses come with instructions, but experience tells me the instructions are not always very user friendly. With the old O-frame lens (late 1990's), it was always best to insert side tabs, followed by the nose region, then finally the top of the lens. This does not appear to be the case with the Wisdom lens; further, the lens is not as malleable as the O-frame/E-frame style lenses.

Also, can anyone tell me if there is any real advantage to buying the Oakley Wisdom helmet strap (as opposed to the standard Wisdom strap). The web site says the helmet strap is designed to improve the fit of the goggle around the sides and front of the helmet. Currently, the standard strap is only just long enough to fit around my helmet.

Any advice appreciated,


Dr Cuc
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Get the helmet strap it will make your life easier. As for the lenses, start at the nose and work around ending at the top/middle of the lens
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Helmet strap


is the helmet strap easy enough to insert into the Wisdom goggle. Do the pins holding in the original strap just pull out? Or is it more complicated than that?

Dr Cuc.
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the strap is really quite easy to switch out, you have to pivot the strap 180 degrees to pull out, then inset the new strap pivot and done!
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Great - thanks for your help. Just one more question (well, one question in two parts): what is it about the helmet strap thats makes it so much better than the standard strap? Is it simply that the strap is longer? Or, do the plastic attachments (those joining the strap to the goggle frame) allow you to position the goggle beneath the helmet more easily?

Sorry to get so specific

Many thanks for your help thus far. I am 99% of the way toward purchasing the helmet strap.
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The helmet strap has silicone on it to keep it from slipping. I own two pairs of Wisdoms, one with the helmet strap and one without. The only time I find the helmet strap useful is when I position the goggles on the brim of my helmet. The silicone keeps them from sliding up/down. Otherwise there is no noticable difference.
The actual strap length is the same. It would be nice if it were longer so the plastic adjuster didn't rest underneath the goggle keeper on the helmet.
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I bought the wisdoms as well for snowmobile, can i use quick straps with these goggles?
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