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'07 Lange Fluid 90 - Fit?

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Anybody know generally how much the liner packs out etc. on this model? I am attempting to buy these boots online, and cannot find anyone locally (REI seems to be their main distributor here in SoCal) to try the Fluid 90 boot on. From discussions w/ various salespeople/Lange techs, it sounds like I should be trying on a 27.0 or 27.5 in mondo. A 90 or 100 has been recommended (80 deemed a little soft on flex).

I wear anywhere from a US 9.0 (dress shoes) to US 9.5 (competitive court shoes for performance, like asics) to US 10 or 10.5 for lounging (running shoes, like nike or adidas). The online retailer I am dealing w/ is extremely flexible, and will not frown on me exchanging the boots for the right fit. I do not think I will have the time or $$$ resources to consult a proper fitter, so I am attempting to glean information to make sure I get the right fit.

I am an advanced intermediate to lower advanced skier. Ski 15+ days a year. 5'8, 165 lbs. Will be steering Volkl S5s. I won't be going full-bore all the time, but I do want the boot to be able to perform when needed. Also important to know is I am definitely "ski the piste" type of guy.

Since I will be doing this "cold", without fitting/comparison, I am thinking of starting w/ the 27.0 and doing the shell test etc. Next I will be evaluating the width, etc. Should I be starting in a smaller or bigger mondo size? I realize there might not be a perfect answer out there, but any advice from the epicski boots gurus will help me. Thank you so much in advance ski guys
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9ish shoe..

order a 26 and a 27 shell (the .5 is the same shell as the .0) and shell fit them both
get the stiffer boot and you can always make it softer, but can't make it stiffer
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mntlion, thanks a ton for the quick feedback. I couldn't find anyone locally (or even semi-locally) who carried lange's, so the best I could do was at least stop by the local big-box (Sports Chalet) and sample 26 and 27's in a couple of different manufacturers (Nordica and Head). I also measured my feed w/ their store charts, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my feed are actually 26.25 cm standing up.

Now obviously the Lange's won't be identically sized to the two I tried, but this gave me enough information to be steered towards a 26 shell. The 26's I tried both had enough on length (shell fit 2 fingers or 2+ fingers on the heel), they just both seemed to pinch my foot TOGETHER at the top. Let me mention too I have almost nil on arch...that my feet can resemble flippers, etc. I guess I must have a pretty low-volume, wide + flat foot? That fact that I had enough length in a 26 -- but not width -- steered me towards another boot...the Lange Concept 85 (couldnt find a stiffer Concept in the same price range). I read a post you made a while back on the Concept...104+mm...I thought these would be the way to go for my wide, flat foot.

So, off I was on the phone to consult the sales staff before ordering online. The boot won't be as high performance stiff as a Fluid 90, but it sounds like it should do very nicely for a 15/day a year skier. Again, I went with a 26.5...but if the toes still feel pinched, should I send back and give the 27 a try?

Geez...maybe i should've picked up both boots at once...wish I read your post before ordering!!!
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Measured my foot and found is was 26.25cm when standing. Bummed that I couldn't find a Lange boot to inspect locally, I tried a 26.5 Nordica GranSport Easy boot at a local big-box (Sports Chalet) and found that I had 2 fingers of heel room when doing a shell fit (maybe even 2.5 fingers on a 26 shell, rather surprising). With the liner, my toes were not touching the front when flexed, but I did have the feeling that the front of my foot was too wide for the boot. I have next to nil for an arch, a wide/flat 'platypus' of a foot, if you will (sorry for that visual). Besides that though, the boot felt tight to tighter (w/ about 1/3 to 1/2 of buckle range used). This really pushed me towards finding a 26 shell boot w/ a roomy toe box.

I read that the Lange Concept 85 had a 103mm forefoot width. mntlion, I saw that in one of your previous posts you confirmed it was a wider boot (104mm). I read as well that the flex can be adjusted between 85/95...is that true? At any rate, I felt the Concept would suit my requirements. My 26.5 boots are en route. I hope this boot works out for me!
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the 26 and 26.5 are the same shell and both will pack out to be the same. If that is a 5-15mm shell fit great, if not go to a 25 shell (again, 25.0 and 25.5 are the same)

flex: can be adjusted by a nob on the back of the boot, feels like from a 70 to 100 flex?

I fit a 8.5 shoe and find the 25 a bit big....
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Thank you again for the feedback, mntlion. I actually ordered the 26.5 before I read your post on getting both the 26 and 27 shells (genius!), but it looks like I erred on the correct (smaller) side.

I will say that the shell fit gap HAD to be more than 15mm (0.6 inch)...my fingers aren't huge, but 2 of them together are definitely 1+ inch across. Wow, this "true" sizing is mind-blowing and opening up my eyes. So a 25 shell would be the other viable move, eh? I'm going to wait until the 26.5 shell Concepts arrive and see how their shell fits me.

Being a boot newbie and all, I'm just picking up now that Head boots are known for a wider fit. Do you think the Concept boot is comparable? Thanks too on the flex adjustment details...nothing like have a boot guru to consult
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try the 26 on, and keep it on for 5-10 minutes and see how much it stretches out. A boot fits when you stand up your toes will touch the end of the boot, but when you flex forward your toes will just come back from the front.

A 25 will feel WAY to small to start with (and might be too small) but try the 26 and see if it gets too roomy with time, And if it does then the 25 is the answer.

The concept is a VERY wide boot, not sure about the head boots

WOW all this work, you owe me a beer....
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Got it, mntlion -- excellent thoroughness and attention to detail, as usual. You are owed more than a few by my estimation!
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no worries. enjoy the new boots what ever size you get
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Lange Concept 85 - Heat Liners to mold?

Just got this boot in today and I am EXCITED about my first real boot purchase

I am already impressed with the level of materials and detail in the boot. Quite a bit nicer than any rental I've ever used (smells better too, hehe). The extra wide last surprisingly accomodates my flat forefoot quite well. I can feel the front of the boot when standing, and when flexed the toes do pull away. I have had the boot on for about 25 minutes now, and the ultra-comfy liner does feel like it has stretched to accomodate. Hopefully this doesn't lead to a poor loose fit. Incidentally, I did just ski this past weekend in a rental boot w/ acrylic/blend dress socks...wow I'm never going away from the ultra-thin sock approach.

My question is this...while thumbing through the included Lange owner's manual, it talks about the liner having the capability to be 'heat molded'. It shows a crazy contraption (I'm assuming the boot heater) inserted into both boots. Is this heating/molding worth it for me to investigate, or is it a waste of time? Also, one more question...is 250-300 a reasonable rate for a proper boot fit + custom orthotic? (foot analysis, orthotic construction, any grinding/punching needed, etc).

Thanks again boot gurus for the guidance! Gonna test the Concepts out tomorrow locally before the trip to Mammoth on Thursday. Cheers
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heating: just skis em

orthotic = $200+ so $50 - 100 more for the shell work seems OK.

did you go 26? (or 25?)
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Thanks for the $$$ opinion and info on the liner, mntlion.

I went w/ a 26 shell (26.5 boot actually...even stamped on the bottom of the shell, although it had 26 stickers front and back. strange). The liners are very soft and seem to have a lot of potential for "packing out" (uh-oh). I guess I will see what develops as I use them more and more.

About the boot...performed well today in a variety of conditions (crud, slush, powder, ice). Certainly ample width in the toe box, toes do pull back when flexed forward. Micro buckle adjustments work very well. For extreme optimal sizing I bet a 25 shell with work would be best. This boot could be a little stiffer too -- I will look into the flex adjustment mechanism. Overall though an extremely comfortable boot. Now if I could only figure out the best way to dry them....
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Dang my boots are still a little moist. I left them indoors w/ the heater on, left them in the garage for a few hours today (it was 80 deg F today out here...HOT). I don't have a boot dryer...what should I do? Helllp! :
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pull the liners and footbeds out and let them dry out, aternatively get yourself either a bootdryer [electric plug in type] or a dampire [silica gel crystals which suck the moisture out the boot, do not put them on direct heat as you can damage the liner and[if they have not been done correctly] retract shell punches
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thx for all the information already posted.

I am considering on buying Lange Fluid 100 .

I have Nordica 29, 29.5 now and are a bit too big for me. If I understud, I should buy smaller size from runnig shoes. I wear 11.5 running shoes, Adidas and Nike, 10 1/2 dress shoes.

Would Lange's 28 be ok?



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