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Women specific skis?

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I'd like to hear some comments from ladies about women specific skis with the forward monted bindings. My wife, a skier for 40 years, thinks it 's a bunch of bunk and will not even try them. She contends the unisex models she's already skiing a shorter skis with a tigher turning radius. She also thinks if it's shorter and marketed to lighter skiers it's probably softer than a longer ski in the same line so a shorter softer ladies model is overkill. What do you experts think?
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Womens skis are not what they used to be.
Though there area models that still target the typical target of a few years ago, there are many WS skis that market the aggressive women skier.

The forward mount does make a difference depending on your body type, and skiing style. I don't tend to use the forward position, but my girlfriend skis much better with the forward mounting position.
Here is a thread I started on Ski Diva that discusses the mfgr target

Three WS skis from three different manufacturers I have in my quiver that Blow away most unisex models are, Blizzard Titan Eos, Elan Wave Spice, and Nordica Olympia Firefox

The market for women is changing!
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My answer on the thread TC linked to was that the lighter weight helps me went I want to be on a longer ski (177 Volkl Aura). I didn't want a tighter turning radius for those.

But I also ski a shorter, heavier, unisex groomer/not-much-new-snow ski (163 Head iM77).

As for the mount, I don't like it forward. But I guess everyone is different. ... which I guess is the point of all of this. Some women are very small, and they don't make unisex skis short enough for them. Etc etc. It's nice to have choices.
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