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park city advise

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Going to PC in early march for 4 days of sking.We are thinking 2 days @ pc, 1 @ deer valley, 1 @ the canyons. We are staying by the town lift.I understand free town trans. takes you to the canyons & deer valley. how long a ride to each.We don't want to bother w/ renting a car. Any suggestions
I'm from the east 6' 185lbs and ski rx8 170.intermediate to advanced. Should I be renting something w/ a little more heft to it.If yes what?
Also any suggestions for happy hour after sking
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2/1/1 sounds about right based on where you are staying to be able to taste the different flavor of the 3 resorts.

I think the PC transit center has a website that gives schedules/times...there is a bus stop right under the town lift and the main transit center is 1-2 blocks away behind Main St.

Bring your skis and decide on renting depending on snow conditions.
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Agree with your plan for seeing the resorts. I am not a Deer Valley fan b/c of the attitude of the customers who ski there....the staff however are very friendly. I would hit 2 days at PC and 2 at the Canyons. Some people gripe about the Canyons....but on fresh snow days it can be fantastic!

In terms of skis, I would definitely go wider with fresh snow as you will feel a huge performance difference. If its just packed powder groomers...your skis will do as well as anything else. Enjoy. I have a house out there and am headed out in 3 days to ski for a week...can't wait!
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