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Frontier flights into Bozeman

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Frontier just announced flights into Bozeman. Good news for people who want to try out Big Sky and Moonlight Basin!

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May 22?!? Holy crap... well I guess I can look forward to trying it out next season.
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Yep, I just made reservations to BZN for the ESA. I pulled up the fare on United and they wanted $576 rt. Fortunately, I had a voucher for a free ticket from when United downgraded me to steerage class from a 1st upgrade (pretty silly of them to give me it, right?). I'm all for a bit of competition.

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They also are planning on flying into JAC also. I think they are offering rntrips during winter season (till 3-31) for only 15k. If u applied for their ccard which costs 49$ annual fee and maybe a purchase, u would have enough for a rnd trip tkt. Too bad UA doesn't offer their 15 k award anymore for rndtrips 700 miles or less-it was a great deal to either resort plus SLC.
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Friends of mine that work in jobs that require flying say United's fares into Bozeman have dropped dramatically starting in June, a time they usually go up due to the fly fishing & Yellowstone surge. Hopefully the same will be true next ski season.
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For comparison shoppers, kayak.com is a great site.
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