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BD Megawatt review


Me: 140#, 5'9" All Mtn / occ. racer / Bomber
Setup: 188 Megawatt w/ Duke mounted 1cm forward; Boot Tecnica Diablo (non-plugged)
Day 1: Sugarbush
Conditions: breakable crust, packed to loose powder, frozen death cookies, soft & hard bumps.

first impression: solid connection w/ the dukes, lite wt on the way to the lift. Lotta ski infront of the binding.

On the mtn: ripped loose snow & small pow pockets w/ ease. Felt like I was just above the snow. Driving the hips, the tip hooks up nice & trenched into the hill. There is some "body english" involved, yet sweet medium to larger radi GS turns are no trouble. On the flats some tip flap is noted. Once engaged into the turns, not an issue. Easiy transitions to more stand-up pivots in the fall line & again to carves w/o hesitation. In a world 'balanced' : the tips-tail-sweetspot are all right places. Strange b/c this is a huge plank. I am reminded of this (& slowwed down in the lift line) often by folks asking........
Seeking more challenging stuff, I wandered to some lesser hit, crusty, death cookie, somewhat breakable zone. Here is where they shine. I find myself tearing though nasty crap @ warp speed and just as smooth as can be. Even into steeped mogul zones, I was gaining as the hill progressed. This can be a double edged situation because eventually I hit the dust on crust frozen mound & this the ski did not like. (but who/what does?)
Few more laps on the breakable stuff & it was like butter

Into the trees was also a blast. The ski turned so damn fast I was amazed. Trees/crust no problem. Never been on a better tree ski, before you react the ski has changed direction & then again. Hauling in the trees was more like it. Objects that once looked too large to drop were barely felt. The untouched stuff in the woods just melted away & an ease of motion occured

No today's conditions were far from optimal for this ski, but what a ride. I would have to say they were just as stable as any other "fat" & were able to be carved quite well. I am looking forward to more trials of untracked & deeper snow. True, this ski is not for everyone.

I can recall when a buddy in college, Erik, showed me a tele boot that was not leather, when the atomic rep scolded me for "mis-skiing" the 'pig prototype' & when the 1st shorty slalom ski showed up on the scene. These are that kind of experience.