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Some tips for beginner racer

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Hello all,

In a week i am taking participation in interbank competition , that will be held in Gigant , of course the race distance will not be far , i suggest half a mile maximum.

I am quite good on piste skier , but yet i have never skied between flags

I would like to hear some tips , or maybe link to some online video tutorial for beginner racer

looking forward to hear from you

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1. Take a private lesson from an instructor who has race experience.

2. There is a ton of useful ski-racing oriented content on the forums at at www.modernskiracing.com. Check out their pinned posts, among them the following, but it's a lot to absorb:

The basics:


Head, shoulders, knees and toes:


When and how to tuck, and when not to:


Line and tactics:


3. There is a lot of skill-group specific advice on how to ski faster in the gates in an old EpicSki thread here:


Including a post on what NOT to do, to ski faster in the gates.

4. Check out Ron LeMasters' Web site. Excellent articles, excellent montages of high level World Cup skiing.


5. Go to a resort that has a recreational race course (i.e., NASTAR) and practice. Timed runs give you feedback every run about what's fast and what's not--for you. Ask the pacesetter for suggestions. Look at the fastest guys and see what they do. Ski racers are some of the most generous people in the world with their time and their willingness to point out how to improve.

6. A strong start is huge, especially in a short course, and especially in a course that's relatively flat at the top. Watch how others do it, but the basics are to pull your upper body out past the want before you hit it with your boots, and then pole and skate like crazy until you've reached the speed that's as fast as you can sprint at, in track shoes.

Good luck.
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For a beginning racer ..... think ... turn early.

Go out to the NASTAR nearest you this weekend ... and get there early and watch the guy that sets the pace ... and the next few who follow because those will usually be the best times.

Watch how they "pump up and down" ... then up and explode out ahead of the wand.

Watch how many times they skate to the first gate before they start to ski ..... very important .... and come out of that start house with your hair on fire.

Sharpen and wax.

Strip down to a fleece and wind proof vest (low aero profile) ..... don't try running in a full jacket especially if there is wind up the course.

Run as many NASTAR gates ... hell ... buy the package deal ... usually unlimited runs for not much more.

It will make a difference.
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1st Time Racer

All of the above are good. BUT

In your lst race what are you going to remember in the course? Practice, coaching, NASTAR all will help but if you don't have time before your lst race then what do you do. You state you're a good piste skier. OK ski the course as fast as you can UNLESS it is steep and a little gnarly on top and then easier in the middle and end. If this is the case Ski the Top and race the bottom. Take a look at the course, what are you looking for: (for a beginner) ( I don't know if the race is a slalom, SG or GS) but look for rythymn changes, i.e., the top turns in a GS might all be the same distance/width or rythym and then look for the changes and then you will know where you are going to have to be ready for the changes.

Usually (with the exception of NASTAR) there will usually be a trick gate, most often times before the flats, or before the finish. This is the gate you need to see/visualize and figure out for your run.

Example: Super G at Mammoth, the 3rd gate from the end (just before theflat finish) there is no turn thru the last 2 gates and the finish, this is hard to see but if you see it and ski it that way you can win the race on this technical gate all by itself especially of c ourse if your competitors don't see this non turn gate.

ONE TIP. (While Racing) LOOK AHEAD - AT LEAST ONE GATE EVEN BETTER 2 Gates but on your lst race One Gate Ahead will be fine. Simply put, if you look at the gate you are going around then you will be LATE for the next gate, this will compound itself and you will get so late you either won't be able to make a gate or you'll blow off course or you'll be so slow you'll come in almost last.


Good luck :
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