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Need Ideas for fun ski races

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My dept. at school is having a ski day at the local hill. They are trying to come up with some different types of fun races. The only thing that they have come up with so far is a relay between faculty and students. Each team will carry a glass of water from the top to the bottom. The winner is the team that gets down the fastest with the most water left in the glass. Does anybody else have ideas that would be fun.
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Slowest time down a set course. Establish a time to complete a course - the one to have the closeat time wins. Ski partway down a course, complete a task, ie read a paragraph in a book- then complete the course. Just a few ideas.

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Balloon Slalom:

Hold a balloon between your thighs or ankles. Drop the balloon and you are out.
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Slalom/obstacle course while skiing with a tray of beverages or a pitcher of beverages in each hand (water or cider could be used for kids... with adults beer is more fun, and there is more incentive not to spill it). Winner is some combination of time and least liquid lost.
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Racing is like freeskiing... with the fun and freedom taken out. LOL!!
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Originally Posted by DropCliffsNotBombs View Post
Racing is like freeskiing... with the fun and freedom taken out. LOL!!
Hey, this sport isn't supposed to be about the fun! :

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I participated in one that was set up as a dual slalom format. At the first gate you had to eat a saltine cracker and you couldn't continue until you whistled. Next gate you had to loop all the way around. Next gate you had to stop and do one of those things with a ball tied to a small stick with a cup on top and you swing the ball so it lands in the cup. Yeah, one of those things. Took me like 5 tries - I lost the race right there.
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I've been in a firehose race. They are usually through a generously set GS course. It's quit a bit harder than it looks particularly if you are near the back. Lots of fun too, especially while watching the other teams go!
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Put a few hay bails on the course and then a limbo bar .... how low can you go?

They can't go around the hay ... they have to go over it.
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Fun Race

Some ideas.

Form teams ie 2 teachers 2 student on same team. Piece of long rope put knots in rope and ea. team member has to hang on to rope. Set up course where the Team has go around 360 degrees something (guy on end can be a whip), then over something (spook works great if you can get out and put a ramp on it), limbo pole and then at the finish. first 3 members of the team havde to take their skis off and go through an inner tube head lst and last team member has to go through inner tube with skis on (other 3 team member can help him). Team prep: smallest guy with the shortest skis last. Use a good sized tube. Anyone let go of rope or hose or whatever you use, 5 sec. penalty. Etc Etc.

Another one we usedd to do: GS at Top, Slalom in Middle, SG at bottom. 4 person teams. One guy takes off on top (wearing a cape that is velcroed to neck/chest whatever/teeth) at the transition between 1/3 way down a tream member awaits in a squared off area (can use bamboo poles etc.) Relay/hand off cape. He skis to next stopping area and cape get relayed again. This can be a lot of fun to watch, some of the cape exchanges were pretty cool.
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Wax races (if you have a shallow wide trail)

drafting, blocking, when to make your move

strategy changes with each race
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anything but clothes race simple you can were anything but clothes you decide how much skin can be shown.

3 legged ski race

backwards ski race

boot skiing race if the hill is hard enough
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Watch the movie "Downhill Racer" Thay have a nice informal two man race.
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Chinese downhills are always fun, might not be acceptable due to legal problems though.

How about having a time limit, and each relay team gets the same size glass with the winner being the team that gets the most volume of water from top to bottom.

Skiing down around a flag and back up?
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Thanks for all the ideas. I'm sure we'll use a few them. I was also thinking of giving a two person team a ball and the first team to get the ball to the bottom without picking it up wins.
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