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Hey all I'm in the market for new skis and came across this forum. I've been reading a lot of the reviews, great stuff!

I currently have some old Elan Reactor from about 1998 or so, they measure 86-62-100 @ 168 length

I'm 5'9" 165 lbs and ive been really taken by the elan speedwave 12. I do all my skiing here in new england and new york. Im a very good skier, probably 4/5

I have yet to demo the speedwave because I can't find a mountain around Boston that demos Elan skis.

First question is the obvious: where is a mountain that offers elans?

Second question: How differnt is the speedwave 12 from my current ski? My ski already makes great short turns.

Third question: Is the speedwave really that awful in bad conditions as I see people comment? I'm a bit worried about the comments that its a "citizen race ski" and that it will perform horribly in bad conditions.

Ive heard about skis that will help good skiers become even better ones and want to make sure my next ski can do this
my other option im thinking about is the K2 crossfire but from what ive read its not as much fun

thanks in advance!