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upward release binding

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I recently hurt my knee(not real bad)while sking moguls, anyway i was using my new Mod X ski's which i had Salomon S850 Axe plus binding's I fell straight back and since my bindings dont release straight up at the toe peice my knee's took the force and pain. Do
"Look Pivot" bindings or any binding for that matter have a toe peice that can release upward, thus keeping me from hurting my knee's again if i should fall backwards again?
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I don't think any of the new bindings do a straight up release on the toe piece. An idea who's time has finally come. too bad all the binding companies that made them before are gone
let's see,
Marker(took a great deal of pressure but it did)
Forget the name of the one with the retracting cable.
I'm sure someone will name some more.
As far as Look Pivots, i'm sure someone else will let you know. The Spheric Salomon should start to turn and release if you put any rotation on the toepiece at the same time as pull back.
Good luck and let those knees heal.
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Tyrolia (part of the Head Ski group) claims toe release of a 180 degree arc -- side, up, other side. Heel release is claimed to be a 150 degree arc. http://www.tyrolia.com/

dchan, the plate binding with retractors and cables was the Burt.
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Umm guys...

The Salomon Drive toepiece is the only modern binding which DOESN'T have vertical release at the toe, in fact it is a big part of why Markers are so prone to pre-release, lean back and poof you are out. Atomic have a screw which lets you adjust it. Look Rossi have had it for at least the last eight years and have the most elasticity of any binding in every direction, including vertically at the toe.
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Newer Marker bindings definitely release upward at the toe.

I have NEVER pre-released from any Marker binding over the last 15 years. This includes the older M47, M41 SC and new 8.2 SCs.

I have heard many people complain about prerelease on Markers, but must say that it does not happen to me.
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Thanks for the update. I looked at a lot of the new bindings and most of them don't look like they would do a true vertical release. Salomon claims yes but the pivot system on the spheric actually requires some side rotation to release. A few years ago this was true of all the top bindings, Upward release yes but... Time to do more research.
Ken, Thanks you got it. Strange concept, pick up your foot and the binding re-attaches
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Upward release at the toe was heralded as the technological innovation that was going to reduce soft-tissue knee injuries significantly. And it certainly seemed as if that would be the case...

So now almost every binding has upward toe release, and the jury has held plenty of time to deliberate, but the verdict is: pretty much no effect. I guess that even though plenty of upward forces may be ripping your knee to shreds, upward forces are registering on neither the toe or heel ledge of your boot.

If you are concerned about knee safety, head over to http://www.vermontskisafety.com and buy a copy of their ACL Awareness video.
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hmm. maybe its time for those scorpion skis again. no tails?
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Yes, I remember those Scorpian skis!
And now the tail-less concept is back: http://www.frontrunnerski.com

They're probably horrible, but then again you probably can't injure your ACL with them.

Speaking of which, some of my athletes will be testing the Lange with the break-away rear cuff for an MIT student research project. I'll let you know if we have any interesting results...
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The Salomon toe's lack of upward release is exactly why I ski it. I just wish that they made it without the spheric.

I experienced hell with Marker's Full Spectrum Toe always poping me loose, even with the DIN and FWD pressure cranked. From experience, Marker's full spectrum toe is definately the way to go if you're looking for the upward toe release feature. I don't know if the new Logic toe is quite as proficient in this function or not. I heard somewhere that you needed some lateral movement first.

- Paul
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I agree with you, and use Salomon bindings for the same reason.

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The Atomic binding toe piece has an upward movement, but is not an upward release. The feature, which can be turned off or minimized, is designed to assist release in a forward twisting fall. As the boot is twisted, the toe is raised, allowing easier exit.

The only binding I have used which easily allows the boot to eject upwards at the toe is the Marker. For that reason, I will never use them again.
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Well I guess that you guys that dont want upward release are so good you will never hurt yourself like I did but for us regular skiers, I will want upward release. From what i saw at the local ski shops that have thoses plastic models of the bindings to show what directions the bindings will release at i have replaced my Salomon bindings with Look Pivot bindings. So if you want some Salomon S850 Axe Plus bindings used once real cheap email me.
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Upward release was one of the reason I picked the S800 Poweraxe over the S850.
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Markers, why, they also have the best AFD technology, and if you are looking for the complete binding, including upward release, or what seems to be upward relesse, Marker could be it.

Note: there have been some posts to this forum about Markers pre-releasing. I had the same problem, so I kicked up the release tension by one Din setting, and no more pre-releaseing, and yet when needed, these bindings still release for me when they need to.

Before you consider this option, I suggest you talk to Marker, and your ski shop professional. This may not be a solution that is appropriate for everyone.
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