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Vail question

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Please look at their last 1-3 photos of the day(FEb.13-14) and tell me please if they have been taken inbounds? If they have, than I can`t understand all the talks about how Vail is flat and bunny hill. The las pic looks especially nice with the terrain reminding me of a good pillow line.:
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Yes it was inbounds.
If you can afford the ticket,
Vail is Big, has a bit of everything, & then some.
This has to be one of the Best Snow years in a long time.
Most that claim it's flat have been a few times & don't know the area, 5000+ ac.
Best to go with somebody that' been there at least 40 times.
Try to find Potato Patch Pete, he knows his way around!
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Those pics with the drops are taken off of champagne glade at Blue Sky Basin. Definitely a great place to go.

Chair 5, China and Mongolia Bowl area, especially the trees, are a ton of fun and typically have great snow.
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