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Fischer ski sale...

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Fischer Skis On Sale at o2gearshop.com

Search 'Fischer' once you get there.

Watea 84's $329.00
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Damn, sweet deal. I just scored some 184cm Watea 84s. Had been toying with the idea, and for $329 w/ shipping it's a no brainer. In fact, I had to poke myself in the eyes when I saw the deal. Thanks for the heads-up Mehama!

They also have great prices on the Cold Heat and Cool Heat if anybody is looking for them, both well under $500 with DIN 13 Flowflex system bindings. That is hard to beat.
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Unfortunately, no Watea 94's left.
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I was hoping to score some 84's in a 176. Checked that yesterday via TGR. bummer.....
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Thanks Mehama for the great lead on this! I scored a pair of 176 Cold Heats for $399 (and the Cold Heats now appear to be sold out).
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Fischer AMC 79 on ebay

I just purchased a pair of brand new AMC 79 in 170 length (w/bindings) from a listing on ebay. They have a BIN of $299.99, but they also have a "best offer". Without giving way what I paid (to be fair to the seller), that's what I did and it was substanially less than the BIN.
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