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Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post
Um, yeah......I'm not that techy, I wouldn't know how to get the glue in to where it would do any good.
Marinate injector. Those cooking syringes that have a long metal point on them . What have you got to lose ? Give it an educated try by learning from Newfy or somebody else who has done this a few times and had good results. It doesn't seem that complicated but will take some clamps, proper bonding agent and the right technique.

Why JB Newfy ? Because of the different layers that are delammed ? Would a waterprooof glue work ?
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well, the car talk guys like it and it seems to be the best epoxy, strong enough to weld an engine block.

Glue is cheap, get the good suff, and work it in with whatever tool seems to do the job

dang, it is hard to drink and type!!!!
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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
well, the car talk guys like it and it seems to be the best epoxy, strong enough to weld an engine block.
Not the best epoxy for a delam. I use it with skis quite a bit but not for delams.

Any of the ski tool suppliers should be able to reference a good delam epoxy and repair info. Slidewright?

I totally agree with fixing it though as there is nothing to lose but time and a couple bucks. Here is a link with the supplies:
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Post up some pics of the delam, and we can supply repair advice. Without seeing it, the minimum tools I would want would be:
  1. Acetone to clean any thing that you can get at
  2. Good marine epoxy. System 3, West System etc. The tubes that you buy at the hardware store are to0 thick to get anywhere good...
  3. Syringe
  4. Clamps
I wonder what it would cost you to ship this to one of use for a repair? I've got a few gallons of epoxy that I need to use up before it goes bad...
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Well I went to home depot, and bought some Lock-tight marine expoxy. I remembered and found one of those dental syringes that the oral surgeon gives you to flush out the hole when you get a wisdom tooth pulled:

Then I injected the whole tube of epoxy in the places I could fit the tip of the syringe. Using two pieces of 2x1s to protect the bases from the clamps, as well as distributing the pressure of the clamps more evenly (the steel topsheet did this on the topside), I used every available C-clamp I had to and tightened it in place. I'll give it a couple days to dry and then put the mounting plate, and the binding back on it.

Come December we'll see how it holds up, but I would still like to get an unbroken ski, the damage to this one was pretty bad, it had separated both between the core and the base, and between the topsheet and the core, not to mention the braided, aluminized fiberglass that covers the sides coming off. There's no telling how well the glue got distributed, as I had to keep my weight on the ski to open the space enough to get the syringe tip in.
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Certainly worth a try. I would try it as long as you have all the pieces to glue together.
You'll pribably notice a different feel in the repaired ski cause it won't flex as well in that spot. But, being that it's right under the boot the flex disruption should be less severe than a break nearer to the tip or tail.
Maybe you could lend them to a "friend" that doesn't know they are/were broken for the maiden voyage tee hee hee
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If the epoxy fails again just but a big bolt or something in there and ski them for the hell of it.

+5 gnar points
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I won't be afraid to ski them, the day I discovered the break, I still skied them for the last hour and a half until the lifts closed. It felt a bit softer, but still functioned. If the glue holds I'm sure it will be skiable, but I better not jump off of anything, I think that's what caused the break in the first place.
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Good job! My bet is that will do it.
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Originally Posted by newfydog View Post
Good job! My bet is that will do it.
I'll be pleased if it does. I'm a little worried about the front screw hole of the mounting plate, I'm pretty sure it tore out of the core, stripping the threads in the core, but not the topsheet. I filled the hole with epoxy, and will drill it and re-tap it once the glue is dry. Then glue it with epoxy before sinking the screw.

I'm actually glad you guys talked me into working on it; I like doing fix it stuff, but am not always confident, or motived.
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I still very much want a replacement ski though.
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