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I have just come back to skiing after a number of years off. Last Skis I bought were Rossi FP 195 and a pair of k2 810's (yes I know its been a while) So my kids are now skiing and I have been banging around on rentals but dont really know where to start looking. Demo is not an option due to the fact no one in my area will demo skis and they only seem to rent mid-range skis. I admit that I have been out of the loop for a while and everyone seems to give me a different story on size. I ski the Northeast right now but plan on going west also and have been trying to figure out if there is an all around ski or do I need to buy multi-skis. I would start by getting a good Northeast ski for the groomed/packed /crud and if it did powder great if not so be it.

Any direction that you all could steer me in would be great.

btw im 5'11" 210 a level 8 skier- no more crazy stuff just a soul skier these days

Help Im lost and confused.