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Bode switches skis

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According to an article in SkiRacing magazine, Bode Miller is switching from his Fischer skis to Rossignol, having signed a two-year contract, about which no details were available, though it is believed Miller's asking price for a two-year contract was $1-million, with another $500k in victory bonuses.
Fischer's David Auer said Miller's agent was "demanding money identical to a Hermann Maier of Alberto Tomba. We made it clear that as good as Bode is he has not achieved the level of success of these two men. Our offer was very good for Bode at this stage of his life and career...We wish to thank Bode for the last two years."

Rossignol's press release also noted Miller, who is a golf fanatic, will using clubs from Cleveland, part of the Rossignol group.
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Wow, does this mean that the Rossignols I bought this year will perform better? I can hardly wait!
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No, but you've made a generous contribution to Bode Miller's beer money
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I heard of this last week from "a friend" who is "in the loop".
Now get this. My source indicated that the only reason for the switch was "Rossi made the best skis in the world. Better than any other" !
I thought $$$ may have been an issue, but was strongly reproached for being so naive.

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If the moneys right, I'll duct tape Tevas to dowel rods and hold skis in boxing gloves and try to ski.
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Yeah, well, I have on videotape Miller saying about the same thing...about Fischers.

more on a young man and his skis...

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Who has the short memory? I can't seem to remember.

Perhaps the last line of that article says it. Fischer was making "units", Rossi will put him on skis.

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...and pay him more "units."

it's the skier, not the skis
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Are you taking me seriously? Or am I too thick to read a jest in your replies.

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My prediction:

Bode will be slower next year, thanks to Rossi. If you look alot of WC skiers switched FROM Rossi in the past few years, prime example being VonGrunigen (going to Fischer skis mind you and getting back into the WC runnings with this switch).

Can Bode's talant offset the inferiority of Rossignol remains to be seen.

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Any jest in Ryan's replies are a bug in his code.
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surely I jest.

anyway, you watch, in two years, he'll be on odysseys.

wonder if skiers on salomons are also under some contractual "suggestion" to wear adidas, which holds/owns salomon. and wait till nike gets their skis out there. also read where a prominent snowboard manufacturer is coming out with some fat skis.
but i digress.

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Did they toss in a mega-babe and a 911 like they did with Redford in DH Racer?
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you'll recall that in Downhill Racer Redford's character, when asked by the manufacturer wooing him (with the Eurochick in the yellow 911) what skis he's on, DOES identify a brand.

Anyone have a guess what skis Redford's character (Dave Chappell, I think) is on? (HINT: They're still making skis and in fact, a present-day and well-known ski instructor goes so far as to "endorse" these skis.)
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It sounds like Bode, and his agent, are more concerned about money than ski performance. If I was in his position I would stay with a ski that works.
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With the switch occurring now, giving him ample time to test during the summer, I wouldn't think the change would really affect his results. He went from K2 to Fischer and only did better, so maybe this will be more of the same. Regardless of whether or not you think stock Rossi equipment is inferior to Fischer or not, there's no way to compare what he'll really be skiing on, as they may not even resemble regular race-stock equipment.
And I'm pretty sure that Redford was asked to ski on Head equipment in DH Racer.
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Not only is Redford on Head skis, but he is on multiple models in the same downhill run. I'm still not sure how he was able to switch skis mid-course.
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Originally posted by Philth:
Regardless of whether or not you think stock Rossi equipment is inferior to Fischer or not, there's no way to compare what he'll really be skiing on, as they may not even resemble regular race-stock equipment.
I'm judging the overall ability of the company to make a competitive ski. based on the last year WC standings:
</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">
2Aamodt Nordica
3Cuche Salomon
4Miller Fischer
5Strobl Salomon
6Kjus Atomic
8Nyberg Salomon
9Raich Atomic
10Ghedina Fischer
11Gruber Atomic
12Covili Salomon
13Vidal Dynastar
14Defago Atomic
15Von GruenigenFischer
16Greber Fischer
17Trinkl Head
19Cavegn Atomic

2Miller Fischer
3Vidal Dynastar
4Kunc Elan
7Rocca Rossignol
8Matt Salomon
9Aamodt Nordica
12Amez Salomon
13Kosir Rossignol
15Pranger Volkl

1Covili Salomon
2Raich Atomic
4Cuche Salomon
5Nyberg Salomon
6Von GruenigenFischer
7Miller Fischer
8Uotila Salomon
9Chenal Dynastar
10Gruber Atomic
11Millet Dynastar
13Defago Atomic
14Knauss Atomic
15Mayer Atomic
16Aamodt Nordica
19Roberto Volkl
20Grandi Atomic
21Strobl Atomic
25Kjus Atomic
26Spencer Atomic
27Koblar Elan
28Piccard Atomic
29Roy Salomon
30Ploner Volkl
31Rieder Atomic
32Seer Volkl
34Schlopy Atomic
35Vonn Rossignol</pre>[/quote]Rossignol can hold their own in Slalom but Bode most probably can kiss his GS results goodbye.

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I agree with Philth, you won't know what Bode will be skiing on. He had Fischer build him some great skis last year. I am sure Rossignol will do the same. With his abilites and confidence, he will be fast as long as he is injury free. (Stay away from the speed events!)
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I'm not a Rossi fan. Lots of bad stuff with kids coming up. They even jerked some USST people around over the years. As long as Bode keeps skiing well he's OK but look out if things don't go too well. They don't know the meaning of committment. I always discourage young kids from them. They won't work with them.
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Like has been mentioned, it won't really matter what the top sheet says, the underlying ski will be tailored to exactly what he wants, much the same as his Fischers would have been.
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The skis that these people are on may not even be the same brand as the top-skin says they are. I've heard of racers agreeing to be sponsored by a brand as along as they could continue to ski the boards they were on. So the manufacturer would make skis with other manufacturer's top skins on them. I believe that Volant and another company did this fairly recently.

And even if that is completely untrue, the number of people winning on a particular brand is directly proportional to the amount of marketing money that the manufacturer spends on the racers. Most of the WC skis are one-offs that are made specifically for that racer. They all make good equipment for their racers.

Notice there are only a very few Dynastar skis in that list. They make great race skis, but their parent company, who also owns Rossi, spends all of their marketing money on Rossi. I think Dynastar gets less than 10% of what Rossi gets for marketing. Last year, there was not a single dollar spent in the US for Dynastar ads.
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So let me get this strait. If I ski on Rossis (or other brands), I will not ski as well as I would on another ski? Give me a break! What happened to ability of a skier? What happened to a skier working with the engineers of a company to set a ski up to specific preferences? I agree with people not likeing Rossignols, but to say that he is going to lose if he skis on them is kind of out there. If Bode spends time training on a different pair of skis, tayloring his style to get all he can out of those skis, he can win, same with any top level athlete. Gear does not make the athlete, the athlete makes the gear.
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Will Fisher become a hot ski in the US? I hear their Big Stix is pretty good. Too bad, Bode could have done a lot for them over time.
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.... "So the manufacturer would make skis with other manufacturer's top skins on them. I believe that Volant and another company did this fairly recently.."

I find it hard to believe that this could be done with Volants, considering that the "topskin" is an integral structural member of the ski. How could that be disguised--- and what company would allow that to be done? It certainly isn't in their interest to do so.
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i'll try to find it, but i believe i recall seeing something similar to what JohnH contends - topskin slapped over a different ski. sure rings a bell.
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Volant in '94-95 had some Downhill skis build that had Head graphics applied over the steel topsheet. In addition in '98 or so, there were working with Fisher to develope a downhill ski. They were steel top sheet skis with fisher guts(core, P-tex, edges) This was all pretty much R&D stuff going on. There were very few races ever run on these models, and I do not think any WC's were ever run with them. Past '99 I do not know of any other projects that were in development with other manufactures.
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It really is to bad That Bode won't be on Fishers this next season. I'm sure He will do good with Rossi and 1 Million for 2 years would sure get my attention.
Here's my take on the whole Fischer thing. Fischer in the US got a new marketing team about two years ago. they are now vary focused on Free ride and all mountain skiing. Fischer is big in Europe but they were not tuned into the North American Market.They are now getting a lot of feed back from Here and the designers are making skis for this market. They are coming out with a new ski next season same constrution as thier race skis But wider. It will be the Sceano 500 Other skis will be a Bigstick 75 replaceing the 74. I have an Idea that a lot of the promotion money from Fischer will be going to some of the big name Free Skiers this next season.
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Professional tennis players do this, too -- claim they are using one racquet while using another that has been painted to look like the advertised racquet. It may be easier to tell when tennis players do it because of head shape/size, string patterns, throat design, etc.
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Please be slanderous, and be that now. Remember, over-the-top.

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