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192cm Atomic Thug mounted with Marker Dukes Binding

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First day out and will probably update later.

I reviewed these last year as well...


I = 5'11
Can make left turns and right turns on most runs at snowbird, can go fairly quickly on most terrain.

The skis
06-07 Atomic Thugs 192cm
141-120-133 40 meter sidecut.
Mounted with Marker Dukes on the 'classic" mount point.

this is a real cheater ski...today at snowbird we had about 5-10inches of light snow with a wind crust and some extremely hard crust underneath.

flex is on a scale of 1-10

tip 4
Mid body 6
tail 3.5

torisonally felt pretty stiff for a ski like this.

how it skied - first thing I notcied was how light they felt on my feet compared to my Seths. the first run coming down a sun drenched mineral basin the ski is very easy to turn and just is allways decambered in soft snow, even if the tip some how gets underneath the ski just pops right back out. The soft easy round flex and almost no sidecut make it pretty much the closest thing you can get a reverese camber ski with out actually buying reverse camber. At the bottom my buddy on Public enemies is commenting on how 'bad" the snow is and i am just thinking how awesome it was. hit bottom a couple of times but the ski just kept trucking and never 'caught' an edge.

I figured the cirque would be better than mineral so thats where I went next. The traverse out the skis is fast traverse if your willing to hang on. You could literallly 'rail' while going straight and just past people like they are standing still, the ski is also nice and soft in the tip and tail so the bumps dont jar you. Once I arrived to the top of the cirque the the ski never let hit bottom on some high edge angle Gsish turns. Feels like your in a ski movie.

On with the rest of the day...1-10 scale

Trees - 8 quick, light, nimble are words that most looking at the dimensions wouldnt think about but the ski turns on a dime and just rails or smears as easy as you tell it. the only thing you have to make sure you do is you keep you CM over you feet and keeping you steering imput active. If those 2 things are happening its an awesome tree ski for powder, but even dust on a crust and skied out trees.

Bumps- 3 eh, this can be tricky, not because you cant turns them but because you have to get 28.2cm of tip though the bumps. It feels awkward, sometimes it really cant be done, but when you do its actually kinda of fun.

Powder - 9 best skis you can get without getting a reverse camber ski, ski floats, pivots carves and just feel natural. anyone would be able to ski this ski well in powder. Also ski backwards very well in powder well enough you can actually ski trees backwards.

groomers - 5 40 meter sidecut, If you only make turns using the sidecut the ski is bomber stable and you can get some angles. Good luck finding enough hill to let a 40 meter ski run though. the dukes help this score alot, the lift and wide platform make fat skis seem skinnier on hardpack. Ski does other turn well but doenst make as dynamic short turns ona groomer as say a 100mmish ski like a seth or gotama. One real con is the added leverage on your knees, my young very strong knees felt some weird things on the hardedgroomers, something never felt on my seths or Gotamas

Crud - 8 no sidecut, lenght and width make it really good soft crud buster, hard crud was surprising good as well the ski is just made for this sort of stuff.
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Great review.

A ski with these dims and flex will become the ski of choice for expert level powder skiing, IMO.

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Great review. Could you elaborate on the 1-10 scale for flex. Is relative to the marshalolson scale? If not could you add a few other data points like im103s or PEs or something like that for reference. Thanks.
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Great review - one of the reasons I picked up some Thugs - and would echo many of the comments.

I'm curious if the issue related to knees/groomer runs ever got better? I noticed my knees aching quite a bit on some short groomers back to the lift and hoping that won't be a recurring theme.

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great review, I really want to go out and buy a pair right know.
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know = intelligence
now = time

Once or twice is common a mistake. But the triple repeat offense since you've joined is asking for me to step in.


(btw- where's your paper?)

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video of the thugs in action
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I think the choice of music highly justified my prescription to this thread.

cheers... that looked like a good day.
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Great video...

The joy of youth on a great day

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