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After some time on my new pair of Smith I/O goggles with the Ignitor lens, I am very impressed! Easily the best goggles I have yet tried. The vision is superb on them, as they don't have a traditional frame. I can see laterally almost as well as I can without goggles on, and the lens just pops on and off in a few seconds. It was always a pain to change the old lenses, as it was easy to get fingerprints all over the lens while trying to get the lens notches matched up, and was just easier to own 2 pair of goggles, each with a different lens. The new I/O's make lens swapping much easier. They do look a bit futuristic, for better or worse.

In the past, when Smith came out with new models in the Spherical line such as the Prodigy and Phenom, they were mostly cosmetic replacements to the older stuff, not really technical improvements, all while raising the price considerably. Sure, you got things like hop-up kits and cool color schemes, but the basic goggle was unchanged. The I/O's, on the other hand, are a big step up in vision quality and ease of frame replacement (Ignitor for variable days, Sensor for overcast, Platinum for you Southern latitudes, not necessary around here) . I would give these top marks.