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Best Resort for Sunday on I-70

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Three of us are going to be staying in Frisco on March 1st. Plan to ski Copper that day. Question is which resort is best fit for Sunday with an 8:30 flight out of Denver. Obviously want to maximize ski time but don't want to miss the flight. We are mid intermediates...mostly blues.

Saw a post a few days ago around this topic but I believe the person was going to be skiing Breck and was asking more about what time to leave for the flight. We are flexible on where we ski that day. Just trying to get the most ski time and match our abilities.

Appreciate any advice
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Breck would probably be a good place for you to ski given your ability. And I wouldn't leave any later than 2:30 to be safe. It has never taken me longer than 4.5hrs to get home from Breck before, so that would get you to the airport around 7pm at the latest.
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I'd go to Loveland. You'll be able to ski almost all day and still have time to catch dinner on the way down. Since Idaho Falls will be packed for dinner (get your Buffalo burger or pizza on the way up), I'd recommend stopping for dinner at Abrusci's all the way down in Arvada. It's right off the Interstate and it's great Italian.
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You want to miss the tunnel, which means Loveland, A-Basin, or Winter Park. Traffic is likely to be lightest back from the Park.

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Another thumbs up for Loveland... great blues, short (or no) lines, and you'll get back in time for your flight if the traffic isn't at a standstill dropping into Georgetown.

Try Mangia Trattoria in Idaho Springs for good italian.
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A third vote for Loveland!
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Avoid Breck.

It can take an hour or more just to get from Breck to I-70, due to stop-and-go traffic north on highway 9. If the roads are slick, it gets worse.

Loveland is your best bet, provided it's not windy.
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i say unless the weather is real bad, ski copper until 3. you're right on i-70 and most of the denverites have left by then.
i usually take a 7pm flight out on sunday nights and leave at 2:30 from breck and have yet to have it be close.
i also have had colorado mountain express pick me up for a 7pm flight in breck and they pick me up arpund 2:30.
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