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Tele Advice

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Looking to get first tele set up, would a gotama be reasonable?
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For a first set up? Do you already tele? If so, how advanced are you?

I would say the Got is not the ideal first tele ski. If you are just learning look narrower and softer flexing before you get into something like the Got's.

I tele occasionally and would call myself a solid intermediate. Most ski days are spending on alpine and I use totally diferent set ups. For tele I use the Rossi Powder Bird which is a nordic ersion of the B3
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I havent tele'd much but its come easily. Its hard to rate my self but if i had to i'd probably an intermediate looking to go forward? If that makes sense. Instead of spending money renting each time i figure i might aswell get a good set up which will last awhile. (any other suggestions) I had questioned the width of the gotama especially in the tip, wondering if i'd have trouble keeping them apart not being so experienced?
Any other imput would be helpful and appreciated. thanks
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I'm not a gearhead, haven't tried Gotamas or any other recent model skis, but would advise to get a ski that is suited to you. Your size, skill level, style, preferred terrain, expected conditions, etc. My belief is that these factors and other preferences, stiff/soft, wide/narrow, shaped/straight/reverse sidecut matter more than freeheel/fixed in ski choice. For telemark, a slightly softer flex is a good idea because the skis are more evenly weighted in a telemark turn, but beyond that chose a ski the same way you would for alpine.

I wouldn't worry about tip width. Keeping some lateral separation between your skis maybe difficult when learning telemark, but the difference between a fat tip and a narrow one isn't that great. Carving skis have 120mm tip, Gotamas are only 1/2 inch wider.

Traditionally, skiers learn to ski on groomed terrain. If you want to develop your telemarking on groomers, go for a groomer type ski. If you are ready for off-piste and have access, go fatter.
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