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Volkl Supersport Allstar - would you recommend it?

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I'm looking for skis for my son. We live in North Dakota, so we have no demo opportunities, and our local ski shop carries only Volkls. The owner suggested Supersport Allstars for my son.

He is 13 years old, 5'10", 165 pounds. I consider him a strong intermediate skier, advancing steadily. With luck we will manage 4 days of mountain skiing each year; around here we ski mostly man-made snow (groomed and often icy). We have been renting skis at the local ski shop (because the places within a 2-hour drive have crap to rent) - Head C120, which he feels are OK. In Montana he rented Rossi Bandit B2, which he loved.

Is the Allstar an appropriate choice for him? My big concern is that he can't try them out, and because they are on sale, we're stuck with them.
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These are 1-2 seasons old, so make sure you are getting a good discount. They are great skis; if you ski a lot of groomed manmade snow and hardpack, these would be a very good choice. They are a bit more versatile than other skis that were in the star series. They might be a teeny bit demanding compared to some skis, but I am sure your son will do fine on them. I'd jump on them if the deal is good.
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Is half price ($500) a good enough deal? The ski shop has one pair of 168s.
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I own this ski which has been replaced by the tigersharrk series ,Its still a excellent ski, versitile ,great edge hold, the 168 length should be fine. The B2 is wider ,this should suit him fine it is a expert ski and you need to be on them. The price for new is just about right ,you would not get them anywhere for less than $400.00 with the binding your call,try 450.00 or get some free tune ups.
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The Allstar is a great ski ... I thought it was the best of the "star" lineup (5*, 6*, etc). Great frontside ski with lots of grip on the ice and hardpack. It's got a fairly short radius (I think it was 14m in the 168), so it's great for short turns on the groomer. Its fairly stiff and didn't have a speed limit I could tell.

It's a pretty stiff, beefy ski and does favor proper balance and modern technique. I found it a bit unforgiving if you got into the back seat, but otherwise it was a pretty tolerant ski.

This ski will be a lot different than either the rentals or the Rossi Bandit. I don't know how he skis, but there is a chance this might be too much ski for a 13 y.o. intermediate. If your son likes ripping the groomers, this may be a good choice. If he prefers playing in the park, I would look for something softer & wider.

Did a quick check on Ebay, and I am seeing Allstars around the $500 mark. Probably a reasonable price, but I would wait for Dawgcatching or Sierra Jim to chime in
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2009 gear is trickling out and we're already seeing big discounts on 2008 gear, so it might be possible to press for a greater discount since this Allstar is now 2+ seasons old. I would offer $350-400. At $500, I'd look elsewhere for a deal on 2008 gear. For that matter, here's another great option for your son, perhaps an even better option than the Allstar:


If it was me, I'd probably go with that Supersport S5. It will be more forgiving than the Allstar and is a great deal at $359.

They have a bunch of other skis on sale at that shop, look under the outlet section. Some decent deals on Volkls.
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+1 on the S5 for $359
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It's a small shop, not much selection. Since they are the only game in town (and I believe in supporting locally-owned businesses when I can), I'm committed to buying here.
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Sounds like you already made your decision. We're just trying to point out that the price you were quoted is high, based on what you can have delivered to your doorstep, and there may be better options. Will your son enjoy the Allstar? Maybe but it definitely doesn't ski like the B2.

My advice is, get him the B2's. There's bound to be a pair somewhere. EBAY has a ton of them for sale brand new for $330 shipped (figure 174 cm?). Who would you rather see happy, your local shop or your son?

On a side note, with only 4 days of skiing a year, I would continue renting if I were you. Your kid is going to become a monster over the next 5 years.
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I own the Allstar and have skied the B-2. The Allstar is more a ski for a more experienced skier. It is fairly stiff and not nearly as user friendly as the B-2.

He likes the B-2. Get him that . It's a fun ski ,versatile and you can get a good deal on them . An intermediate who doesn't get to ski a lot would get some good mileage on them at a good cost. It's much less a gamble than the Allstar.

All that been said. I love my Allstars and use them mostly for harder surfaces.
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My opinion, not an appropriate ski for a 13 yr old. It's a ski for an old person who focuses on technically correct turns all the time. A kid should be on the Bridge or Wall or PEs unless he's a racer then he should be on race skis. A kid could ski on a mid-fats if for some reason a twin tip is not what he's looking for.

I am serious about this. It would be like sending a kid to a birthday party in a tie with blazer and pressed shorts while everyone else is dressed the way kids dress.

A little forgiveness (in the ski) is a good thing at that age.
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Maybe 161, def not 168....tho I have no experience on the 161. Others here on Epic have ski'd the 161 (oboe comes to mind) perhaps they will chime in.

While the Allstar was not overly demanding IMO it did prefer a technical focus and preferd to be on edge at all times. Not a ski to relax on, at least not if you wanted to enjoy the skis sweet spot. The 168 despite the 14m radius actually was more comfortable in GS type arcs vs shortswing - it is a stiff ski best enjoyed at high speeds. It encouraged me to ski much faster that I should have at times....and had no speed limit that I could find.

I have passed them on to my son...he is 6' 180lbs and has been skiing since he could walk...literally. He finds them to be groomer perfection. My new groomer ski is 175 Fischer RX 8, but I am mulling over a move back to Volkl, probably 10' Tigershark with powerswitch either 168 or 175.

BTW, I am the author of the below listed thread which explored my season long love affair with a pair of 2006 168 Allstars.

Get him some some fun twin tips...or age appropriate racing skis.

I would not consider $500 any bargain either. Buying locally is nice, but sounds like your local shop is poised and ready to make a sale....regardless of whether or not the product is appropriate for the skier.

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I concur with everyone else.

- The Allstar is a great ski, but will need technically proficient skier to bring out its finer attributes. A 13 yr old intermediate will probably not appreciate the finer attributes of this ski.

-168 is too long for the kid. 161 is a much better choice.

- $500 for a 2 yr old model ski is too much.

My personal opinion? But then it is just my feeling. I think your local ski shop happens to have a pair of Allstar 168 lying around, and he is simply trying to unload them on you. There are many many other skis much better suited for your son.
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Originally Posted by AnnKH View Post
It's a small shop, not much selection. Since they are the only game in town (and I believe in supporting locally-owned businesses when I can), I'm committed to buying here.
Most here actually would consider buying from dawg or sierra jim to be buying locally.

They both provide fantastic service to this community. Either can do a much better job outfitting your son IMHO....and at a much better price.
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Originally Posted by josseph View Post
-168 is too long for the kid. 161 is a much better choice.
I'm a little surprised by this statement. 168 struck me right off as a tad short for his weight, and considering he still has a lot of growing to do... just wondering.

As others have said, let me add my voice that this probably isn't the right ski and isn't a good deal at $500. Supersport is an excellent series to learn on for , but I'd suggest S4 or even S3 (http://www.volkl.com/ski_06/supersport_s3.html).

Even if you do buy locally, at least do some browsing on evogear.com and o2gearshop.com so you can go back to the local shop with some competitive prices in mind.
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Thanks to all of you for your advice. This is the only non-beginner ski that the shop had in his size (and at 170 pounds, I think the 168 is the right size for him), so I wanted to get opinions (since I knew nothing about the Allstars). I will definitely see if I can find a pair of B2s, since I know he likes them.

I wish he had the opportunity to try out a bunch of different skis! Maybe I can sweet-talk the owner into letting him demo the Allstars. He actually does concentrate pretty hard on his technique; he doesn't have any friends who ski as well as he does (and his brother switched to snowboarding last year), so he's either skiing with his parents or by himself. He has always been more interested in skiing well than goofing off - his goal in life is to ski better than me (he already skis better than his Dad).
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I stumbled across this forum on the web, and thought that I would give my opinion on the Supersport Allstars: This year, I just got back into skiing after a 15 year absence from the sport. Back in the day, I skied on 190s, which was just fine for an advanced/expert skier. Anyways, I wanted to get some skis that would get me back into the swing of things, but not too much too soon. I decided to get the AC2s at 163 cm. Being almost 40 and just 5'6" at 165 pounds, the AC2s provided me with fast and wide turns when I needed them. After skiing just 10 times this year, I realized that I got good again, and decided that I needed a better ski, so I switched to the AC40s 163 cm. Bad move on my part. The AC40s forced me to take long/wide turns, and I found myself very bored on the slopes. I exchanged them after just one day for the 07 Supersport Allstars 168 cm. Boy, what a difference!!! I was able to make short turns when I wanted, and making the wide turns when needed was no problem either. I must say however, that you must be pretty good with your mechanics, in which this ski definately demands. If you are a beginner, or a mellow skier who likes to take slow and wide turns, this ski is not for you. If you like a frontside ski that rips through the turns, then go for it!!! Also, coming from the guys at the shop, the AC20s are a slightly stiffer version of the AC2, and these are definately a good beginner ski. Hope this helps, and Have fun:-)
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