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Alta/Snowbird trip 2/22-2/27

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Our big Alta/Snowbird trip is one week away! The five of us are new to both mountains, so we are looking for the "inside" info from the locals and skiers that have been to either mountain. With approximately 5000 acres of terrain, it would be easy to waste a lot of time looking for great trails during the week, especially if we get lucky with a few epic powder days after a storm. So, with the help of epicski forum, we need some great trail selections at both mountains in the case of a big powder dump where you need to have some direction out there in order to minimize time wasted. There is a range of ability in the group, but we will be sticking to in-bounds diamond/double-diamond all week most likely. Looking forward to some great advice!!! I'll be taking notes on the trail maps....:
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I've only been there once (couple weeks ago), but if you like technical skiing (rocks, trees, etc) then check out the terrain in Catherine's Area next to the Supreme Chair at Alta. This is some of the finest advanced/technical skiing I have ever experienced. If you're lazy, there are some great lines right under the Supreme chair, no hiking required.

Trails off the High-T (#69) are also quite good. Actually, the whole place rocks; I don't think I had a bad run the whole time I was at Alta. I have a lot of respect for that place. Bring your A-game!

I'm less familiar with Snowbird, and will defer to others on that one. I did have a good time in Mineral Basin though; there is a wide variety of terrain there. I skied it about two days after a 15-20" snowfall and most of MB was bumped up with nice soft moguls and crud, with some lines of fresh snow here and there. Great place to ski on a bluebird day.
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Originally Posted by SkiSkiSki View Post
With approximately 5000 acres of terrain, it would be easy to waste a lot of time looking for great trails during the week, :
Hold on Bro, I don`t think this is the point. The two resorts have reportedly 5000 acres of steeps'n'deeps so you don`t have to "waste ur time", just enjoy. If you hit a true powder day then I think just go for the Tram and have the time of your life.

P.S.: One guy on this forum said he had the time of his life on a run called Barry Barry Steep btw.

Wish you had plenty of pow-pow, 6% one.
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Get to the face of East Greeley at Alta.

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At Alta, I second Catherine's area and the terrain under the Supreme chairlift is super fun and technical. I could ski it all day. If it is epic, hit up Devil's Castle when it opens up. East Greely also. The whole high traverse area at Alta off Collins has some great skiing with many options. Overall, great mountain, will not disappoint.

At Snowbird, go to Mineral Basin first thing. Head over the the Bookends on the far right and you can choose a wide-open or more technical line. If you like trees, under the Gad 2 chairlift are nice. I also like the whole Cirque area if it's fresh, you could stay there all day.

Let Bushwacker chime in.
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Alta/Snowbird - Epic Powder Day Trail Selection List

Thanks for the recommendations!!! Let's hear some more great trail picks!

Here is my list so far ---

Catherine's area ("fineest advanced/technical skiing I have ever experienced") - multiple votes
Supreme lift, under the lift ("great lines right under the Supreme chair, no hiking required") - multiple votes
High-T (#69) ("quite good")
East greeley ("Wow!")
Devil's Castle (if open)
High traverse ("great skiing with many options")

Mineral basin, specifically Bookends on far right ("wide open or more technical") - multiple votes for Mineral basin, in general
Barry Barry Steep ("time of your life")
Gad 2 chairlift runs ("if you like trees")
Cirque ("if its fresh, you could stay there all day")
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>it would be easy to waste a lot of time looking for great trails during the week
you will find that quite hard to do in utah! looks like the snow machine is cranking up for next week, just in time, pow again.
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Where are u staying, up in the canyon or down in the valley? I do not think there are any bad lines in Little Cottonwood. Only problem is they get skied out so quick. Best you can hope for is to stay at the mtn. and hope they close the road for avy work. I noticed that on powder days the lower stuff is not skied out as fast. Have a great trip.
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