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The Perfect Carving (japanese translation needed)

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Run into this mega cool video on the net and would like to know why its titeled "The Perfect Carving"? We need someone that can translate what the guy at the beginning is saying. He might have some valuable input. IMO this guy rocks no matter what his intent is . Take a look:

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Isn't that Harro Haub?
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He explains that this carver is leading his turns wtih the inside leg, instead of just matching the inside leg to the outside leg's intentions. There isn't anything ground-breaking in the speech, he's basically just explaining what you see- well centered skiing that is evenly balanced and not over-driven. He also comments on letting the ski do it's own work after set into a turn.

Japanese Demo skiers are a strange breed that puts PSIA into a category of skiers and not side-of-the-hill talkers. J-Demo skiers spend entire seasons repeating the exact same run, run after run in aims of the perfect set of turns. They rarely, if ever, venture off from their chosen training line. It's kind of insane to witness... but to each his own, I guess. They don't share my passion for skiing, but they are definetely passionate. I've ridden the chair with a bunch, as I often go night-crudding. The ones I have met seem a bit stringent. Quite frankly, I think they talk too much. The'll get 1-2 runs in my 7.

One evening in particular- it snowed all day with heavy winds blowing downslope. The groomer came out at 5pm and perfectly groomed a non-lit run. I went and skied it and it was the best groomed snow of my life- ankle deep and perfectly smooth and continually wind-buffed. I spent the next 2 hours arcing that run while the demo guys stayed over in the almost-bumped-out terrain. I invited many over with me while on the chair but every single one declined because they want to ski "natural" conditions.

So... I had it to myself. I couldn't convince them that quality snow was fun. They considered it cheating themselves out of training.
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Domo arigato, Samurai.
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Samurai, thanks for the input. New dimension of skiing for me. BTW, who is running a chair lift at night?
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Heeps of Japanese resorts have night skiing. My resort- Zao has 3 areas itself, one area is even on top of the mountain and only accessibly by those staying in the hotels up there. (zao is like 2 ski resorts with a basin between the summits.) High speed quads, flood lights and wind buff crud sure make for a nice evening.

As far as a new dimension of skiing, it's a bit strange to me. I have competed in judged events, like IFSA BM stuff, but judged carving on piste is just... kinda... wierd. There is even a line of skis called "demo" that I have never seen outside Japan. So japan shops will have the SL, GS, Powder, etc genres accompanied by Demo. I have no idea what the differences are. For all I know, they're forgiving GS boards.
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I was in Vail last week and there was a group of Japanese skiers and several of them had the Rexam ski boots. Nice looking boot. Very accomplished skiers that enjoyed carving on the groomed.
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