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It was 1986.

It was called the "Iron Skier" and it was a made-for-movie event sponsored by the JH Mountain resort. The premise of the event was an endurance-skiing contest. It started with a ski down Four Shadows Couloir on Cody Peak. From there, they traversed across Cody to the Rock Springs Saddle. From there, they put on running shoes and RAN (more than a mile UPhill at over 10,000 feet in elevation) up the ridge of Rendezvous Bowl to the top of Corbet's Couloir. Several of the contestants were puking before they got to the top of Rendezvous Mountain.

They had a rope in Corbet's that the contestants could use (if they chose) to drop into Corbet's. From there, it was a GS/SG race to the bottom of the mountain at Teton Village.

The guy in question's name indeed is CHRIS Leveroni. He was "relatively" new to Jackson Hole at the time and was completely unknown to the organizers of the event. There were two recent US Ski Team members in the race and Chris finished ahead of them. He came in third and was so unknown that the moviemakers never even did any film of him prior to the awards ceremony because no one expected him to be a contender. Chris still ski-teaches here and hikes/runs up the mountain during the summer to stay in shape. Anyone who has skied from near the bottom of Lower North Colter Ridge through the trees over to the top of the Union Pass chairlift has taken a sneaky little traverse pioneered by Chris and known around here as "Lever's Lane".

The movie was done by filmmaker Dick Barrymore and sponsored by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The film was called "Rendezvous in Jackson Hole". I have a copy of it around here somewhere. I was actually in it - skiing in a Powder 8 segment.

If I can figure out a way to digitize it, I'll post some segments. It was a pretty fun film.
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I just wanted to add to this as I also did this camp and it was amazing I TOTALLY *HEART* Chris Leveroni as I had the great pleasure of being in his group for the 4 days ! I had a awesome time although I was petrified for much of it and I will be returning next year not only because I have a free place but because JH is fantastic and I want to live there but may have to settle for 4 weeks !
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I did this camp in March 2002. I was amazed at all the people who had done it more than once (one guy was at his 12th camp). I still remember Matt Belford's standard line at the top of a chute - "You can do it - nothing you can't handle." We roped into Corbet's on the 4th day since it was rock-hard, and I had to use Matt's mini-poles since he didn't catch mine on the way down.

Snowbird's camp in 2003 was better for video, but otherwise didn't compare. More like it was tacked on to ski school than a stand-alone experience.

One thing to note at Jackson Steep & Deep - if I had known there would be a prize for the best crash, I would've tried harder.
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