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33 years have passed

but only 24 if you count only those seasons with a day on snow

and how do you count a year in which you skied only one day? as a true year? what's the breakpoint for being a "skiing" year and just another calendar year?

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Last 22 years skiing first 22 not skiing, (what a waste). On the other hand I figure I have put in 18 years at 120+ days a year so it all evens out.
They say you are as young/old as you feel so some days I am about 10 and other days well over 100.
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Wow! 120+ days each season! I'd consider myself very fortunate indeed if I could get 120 days in during the next five years! One of the best advantages to being 'in the industry', I guess.

Looking at the numbers, it is a nice re-affirmation of what we already new; there is a wealth of experience backing up the knowledge of the members of this site.
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Hmmm let me see,
I started skiing around age 6, am now 36.
Managed to ski at least a couple of days
each season (that's been rare, nevertheless it has happened).
BUT this season I am afraid I am candidate to be the "sacrifical lamb to ULLR of the year" Last monday doctors formally forbade me to
do anything physical (skiing is included)
until further medical examination...
And the season is just starting!!!!
Furthermore my xmas gift (from wifey) was meant to be
a) a surprise and
b)a week on the dolomites! :
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I'm in my terable two's. Skied a couple of times in high school & took 33 years off. Started again last year and have had a BLAST (Yes Virgina, I'm close to 50 and still loving life).
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This will be my 37th season though its hard to count the 5 winters I lived in Dallas & only got in a couple days a year (graduating from college can really crimp your lifestyle).
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This will be my 32nd season. Always logged 60-120 days a year. I enjoy night skiing a few times each season. Have been know to wear NASCAR jacket and John Deere hat to some ski resorts. Gives you an edge on the locals. Till you start making turns.

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19 years on skis, not a season missed. Started when I was 8 and have done a lot one two boards that most haven't, but can only look forward to what the next 19 years have in store.

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Thor, Oden and I invented it!

Gee how many years is that?

Let me tell you how it all began.

It was very desolate here,kinda nice in a peaceful no one to bother you kinda way. No water, or those pesky little bugs that water brought on us.

But anyway, Earth passed close to the tail of a large COMET, Aquarious. Aquarious alas is no longer, she would burn bright in the sky one ever thirty years or so.

To the point, a large piece of ICE broke off of Aquarious and hit mother earth. Things changed after that.

Thor was pretty upset and practicaly ruled the planet for an eon or so. Then Oden discovered those unusual critters in an area you now call Norway I think. Anyway they were an adventurous lot. Fighting and moving around. SO Oden came to us with this idea, seemsed rather frivolus to me. But it was Thor who struck on it first, if you will pardon the pun. Taking two planks of wood from the keel of a viking skiff he headed down the fjord. What a kidder!

Well the rest is history!

I guess that is why the water sign is Aquarious, I do not know you MORTALS have such quirky habits!

OK so I am a few EPOCs and an EON or two old!
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40, going on 16. Still not sure what I'm going to do when I grow up.
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ski dog years...22...IAMS product

actual perpetual existence...35
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Okay, not that some have shown their's, I'll show mine.

42, 3rd year skiing.

I'm Polish and Irish. So you know what that means, don't you? I get mad and can't figure out why!
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Can I claim the oldest / youngest trophy?
55 and only 3rd year skiing. Slow starter I guess. rick p
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Just 19 today, didnt get any snow for my birthday, but i did get a 3 hour engineering solutions final!!
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I've skied more than 20 days a season for as long as I can remember, and many more for alot of years.

I am 27, so subtract 2 and you get 25 in Ski-dog years, and looking forward to many many more.
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Past 45 now

46 this season and working my way to 50! Great to look back at all the posts. Maybe this'll be the year that I get to ESA!
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I started when I was 5 and I am now 16. I have had slow seasons, but have yet to completely miss one entire one.

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I'll be 10 on December 20th.
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46 years on this side of the grass. 42 years using gravity, snow and mountains. Wife of 22 years that loves skiing, camping and fishing and did none of the above when we met. Two teenagers that in 5 days will be a combined 30 and they have 23 seasons of sliding and riding between them. And everybody said Amen!
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14... started when i was 7
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Started when I was 3, mainly my parents wanted to ski and not feel guilty about it so they dropped me off in the ski school. (I don't blame them!) Would have to ask my mom to know for sure.

I'm 22 now, so that would make me 19 in Ski Years.

A bit off topic, but for you older folk here's a cool video my bro found of some old school powder skiing at Alta circa 1974:

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Started to Ski at age 10.
Learned at Doe Mt., PA.
Hope to go to at least 80
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I started skiing 38 years ago, at 18, but I've only actually skied 20 of those years. The rest were spent in "suspended animation". If you see someone in the lift line who looks like he might be in a time warp, that might be me.
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Funny how things go. Yesterday evening my mother presented me with a frail piece of paper she had just found...
It was an hotel receipt...Dated 1969.
It was my first mountain holyday.
I was barely 3 y.o.
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31 seasons ago I started skiing. But, I've spent a few of those years away from snow, when I was wearing salad suits for democracy. But I like to think I built up a credit when racing as a kid and in college.

The last seven seasons have been 100+ days on snow, while keeping a full time job--no easy feat!
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64 now
started XC@ 33 y/o
started Alpine @ 51 y/o

STILL don't know what i wanna do WHEN i grow up
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19 years old.

16 in skiing years.

Yep, I started skiing shortly after I started walking.
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Started skiing 17 years ago but only spent 8 of the past 17 years as a skier. I spent my adolescence snowboarding . Does that mean my growth is stunted?
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Do you count hiking up the local hill (when I was 10) and skiing with skiis that had leather straps over the toes of my overshoes as start? If so, I am now 51 ski years old and going strong.
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Blast from the past I see

Started to ski 21 years ago, but only really began skiing 6 years ago. 36 years young right now.
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