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How old are you?

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Looking out at the snow (OK, the heavy, wet slush) outside my window today, reading about the 20" that fell a little north of the Twin Cities, browsing the snow reports for the CO resorts, thinking about the coming ski season, it occurred to me that this season marks my 40th anniversary skiing. It was about this time 40 years ago that my parents took me up to Porcupine Mtn in Michigan's UP and introduced me to this most wonderfully sublime sport and passion. I have been very fortunate that I haven't missed a single season, although in some lean years, I only got out once or twice. Even the winter I had a cardiac arrest and bypass surgery, I still managed to sneak in a few turns. Hope this doesn't jinx me here for this season (the sound you here is me vigorously knocking on wood )

Without getting too nostalgic or waxing to poetical (besides, Ott does it so much better than I do), I cannot help but smile when I think back on all the memories, good and sometimes painful, of the many experiences I have had over these years. From the thrill of getting my first pair of ski boots that had buckles instead of laces (still leather boots then, mind you) to my first encounter with the Ski Patrol: sitting the in middle of a ski run, crying my eyes out because of the pain in my frostbitten fingers because I wouldn't wear mittens on a sub-zero day (gloves were cool - mittens were for dweebs!)- Patroller got me down the hill, helped me get my fingers thawed, and settled me in the lodge with a cup of hot chocolate. To this day, I can't stand to have cold fingers (but the gloves today are sure better than the ones they had out 40 years ago!).

I'm sure this has been asked before (and I suspect that Ott is the hands down winner here), but how long have you been skiing? I'm "40 years old". How "old" are you?

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Oh man, I'm just a baby..... think I'm 5 this year. I started late and have ALOT of catching up to do.

My goal, beyond spreading this addiction of mine is to ski everywhere before I'm 70 and then go back and do em all again for free!
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16.. still have many good years ahead of me
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This is my 18th season on skis! I started at the age of 5 and haven't missed a season yet! I know that makes me a young buck, but those years have been SWEET. It seems like i've done it all, but i know thats "so" untrue. I'll tell you what though, i've done a lot on skis that would make your heart skip a beat!http://www.epicski.com/ubb/eek.gif

-spark dem arcs-
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Tenth year on skis for me.
Started in 6th Grade, 11 yrs old.
I'm 20 now.
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Hmmn, 31 years on skis, started late, I was 4. Hoping to jumpstart my daughters career this winter at 2 1/2

Should be fun!!

This weather sucks....Although playing golf this Sunday in 70 degrees wasn't exactly torture....
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Umm - I guess 25 or so.
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That makes me 26, started when I was 4. I can't even imagine winter without skiing, well, OK I have missed a couple of seasons, but only because the Marine Corps had me stationed where it was too warm, so there really was no winter.
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Started when I was 12. During High School, use to wave to the Principal as I left to go skiing. Local area was open 7 days/7 nights.

My "hero" was my older borther (1 yr) who was a full time instructor at Bromley the same time he was a full time student at Cornell. 6 Hour drive between them. Parents never knew about the skiing. He attended classes on Tues only. Picked up tapes/notes.

Still skiing-now instead of waving to the Principal, I call in sick (teacher) once a week from October-May to go skiing.

Going on my 36 year. Hope to go beyond 70.
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I was "born" in Aspen 6 March, 1998. Since that time I've been "alive" 36 days. It's good to be alive.
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My birth certificate says I'm 42. I don't look a day over 29, and ski like it too.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dr.GO:
OTSE = way out there, Discovered, Dirt, Fire and the Wheel, battled with the Dinosaures and other threats of the world.
Dog Years = way way out there the Highlander has nothing on me.
Skiing years = 36
10 goofing around years
1 Partrol year
1 Race Team year
8 Instructor years
8 Ski with the family years
8 SKI with the PASSION that BRUNG YA Years and counting!

Why do you ask? )
- Why not?
- Y? Because we like you!
- Because if you're here, ya ain't skiing, so ya got nothing better to do.

Just for you, Dr. Goo, not skiing em years, not OTSE years, but dog skiing years. Just looking at your picture, do you take the 4 boot approach or opt to stay on your hind legs all the time?

Should we ask "How 'young' are you?" instead?
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50 on skis this year [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I can't believe it's been that long.

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I was born 37 years ago. I began to ski at age 8. That makes me "29" in ski-dog years.


bow wow

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Brace yourselves for this one, folks....


16 years! woo! waa! *applause!*

Ok, maybe not, but I've only been breathing for 20 years [img]smile.gif[/img]
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18 years on skis, but I started late. Each years learned skills are accumulative! I feel I'm skiing better then ever, even though my body isn't quite what it once was.

I was a mere youngster when my oldest son said "I want to be a ski racer, just like my friends". At the time, we had no idea what a HUGE POSITIVE CHANGE that statement would make in our family. We all learned to ski at the same time. Well, some much faster than others. At the time, my oldest boy was 9, middle son 5 and me 35 years old. Needless to say, they,ve been leaving me in the dust ever since.

Since then, skiing become an obsession for all the men in the family.

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And by the way, Lbrother1 that posted above was the 5 year old!

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I turn 21 this year on skis! Who's gonna buy my first drink?
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Ah - 27 years old, a good age if you ask me.

I remember when my lift ticket cost $5 for all day - sigh.
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51 years young with 45 Winters on skis. Hope to ski another 30 years at least. Might have to slow down a little in the future but not quite yet. Bypass surgery already Tag? Did you abuse your body as a youngster?
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I am but an infant at 6 'snow years' old. I'm just hoping my late start at skiing doesn't translate to a short life on skis!!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Tag, you've got me tagged (pun intended).

At age 69 I have been downhill skiing for 57 years. Before that I shuffled cross country with my friends on slats which were not able to turn. No bear traps, just leather straps. Since I won't turn 70 until May, I wonder if I'll get free skiing this Winter?

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Lars, not too much abuse. Never smoked,haven't always kept to the most healthy of diets, but haven't been more than about 10 lbs overweight either. To quote my family doctor, I "just picked the wrong set of grandparents". Heart disease just runs in the family.

Halloween 7:00am - walked up to the end of my driveway taking out the trash, next thing I remember I'm in the emergency room. My wife had the fun job of watching the paramedics bring me back. 6 years ago now....

Uff da, Dr. Goo, ya sure you betcha der some gud skiing dere...oh, golly, ya.

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Born in 1959, died in 1961. Took up XC, looked down my nose at Alpine. Born again in 1991, and alive ever since. At 60, it feels great to be 10 [or so]. My only complaint: That I died the first time - but, rebirth has been wonderful.
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37..38 on 12/1. started skiing at 12 so that gives me 25 plus years on the snow. 8 years in the retail/industry end.
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39 in ski years.
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Can't remember my first time on skis...
Skied a hill by my self first time when I was 4. Dad told me everything except how to get of the lift...
That makes 17 years on the slopes, or wait...
Dad carried me in a backback designed to carry kids since I was one, how do you count those years? :
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As soon as there is enough snow to start, I will be 21 years old. [img]smile.gif[/img] Started at Bromely and Magic Mtn, Vt at the tender age of 11.
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31 great years of skiing!!!

22 years having a blast teaching!!!

Sugar Snack-a sable???
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