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Review: Kjus Formula Jacket

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Wanted to give a review about how impressed I am about my recent purchase of a mens Kjus Formula jacket. At first I was a little nervous about spending this much money for a jacket but the past two days have put any doubt I had to rest.

Day 1:

I live in NH and yesterday we got a pretty bad rain storm. It started as snow turned to sleet and then to freezing rain for the rest of the day. I sell cars for a living and because of the snow we had to move all the cars around to plow. We started at 9 am and finished at 6 pm, let me tell you it was miserable but my upper body stayed completely dry. The water just beaded up on the jacket and ran right off. When I went inside all I had to do is shake the jacket and in about 10 minutes the outside was completely dry. I was the only one by the end of the day that their jacket held up to the rain. The Spyder pants I had on didn't fair so well. I could feel the water getting through at about 2 pm. I know I probably shouldn't be using this jacket for moving cars but I knew that my 2 year old Spyder jacket wouldn't of held up to that much rain so I wore the Kjus

Day 2:

Used it for what I intended to use it for......Skiing. Base temperature was 26 degrees so I decided to wear my Under Armor 2.0 base layer and the Kjus jacket to see how warm I would be. It was perfect, I was very warm all day and didn't have to put my fleece mid layer on. Jacket has a great athletic fit so it hugs the body and doesn't get in the way and it is also very light in my opinion.

After the past two days I am completely satisfied with my purchase. When I was heading home I actually stopped at my local Kjus dealer and bought the Formula pants to replace my Spyder pants. I am very impressed with the warmth, water resistance and light weight of this jacket. Yes it is expensive, but at least around me there have been some good mid season sales that do help take the sting out. Well this was my first post even though I registered a while ago. I have been lurking around for a while and many posts have helped me with my recent ski and boot decisions so I thank you all.

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Just cam back from Vail with my buddy that has a Kus jacket and he bought Kus pants while he was there at a shop while in Vail. The shop said its their #1 selling brand in their high end. Excellent product with very high customer satisfaction. Expensive but so is alot of other stuff they indicated didn't deliver the same performance and values.

I think their stuff looks great and apparently performs even better.
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I've been wondering about the actual quality for that price.
Nice review, thanks!
And happy skiing with it!!!
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If you get a chance to at lease try one on you will immediately see the quality of the materials they use. The Formula uses a stretch material that helps the jacket's fit. They do run a little small so be aware when trying on. I always wear XL coats and shirts but I had to buy a size 56 which is and XXL. I have a very athletic body and the jacket fits me better then any other jacket I have tried on or owned. I think if when they brought the jacket over to me and told me the regular price I may of not even tried it on but she told me it was on sale and to try it on anyways. Never would of thought a little over $500 was a sale price but after using it for a couple of days in varying conditions I would of paid full price for it.
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Kjus Formula

I have the Formula jacket as well...got it this year. It is BY FAR the best garment I have ever pruchased or tried hands down. Worth every penny (albeit a lot of pennies). In addition to all the quality construction, perfect fit, and nifty design features, it is so warm (depite being quite light weight) that I need nothing under it besides my long underwear top unless it gets down below 15 or 20 deg or seriously windy. I cannot say enough about how great this jacket is compared to ANYTHING I have been in before, and I own(ed) Arcteryx, Marmot etc stuff.
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Kjus is great stuff. Almost too warm, but very functional.

Kjus is experimenting with d3o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grq2N...eature=related, which is very cool stuff if you aren't familiar with the company. Protective gear without bulk.

Link: http://www.d3o.com/
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I have the Kjus Mac and the Maki jacket. Both are light and very warm. I just wish the hoods were larger on both jackets. I have two Killy coats from a couple of years ago and they are extreamly warm but the tradeoff is they are very heavy. Still, my favorite all weather jacket is my Arcteryx Theta. I also like that the hood is large enough for a helmet. Where in NH did you purchase the Formula pants?
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have the Red Jn-4 jacket with the Black trim and wavy patten on the main fabric and black Formula pant. Also 2 of their Zip T-necks which are fantastic also.

There are so many features in the jacket and pant I won't even begin to list them.

All pieces are 4 way stretch and are lightweight, thin, have waterproof zippers and are seamed sealed and is the most comfortable ski clothing i have owned, After wearing Phenix for many years this is a definite step up!

The garments always seem to keep me at the perfect temperature since the fabric helps regulate your temp and it is also great looking.

I have worn it in every weather condition from 13 degrees and clear to 17 degrees and windy and a total blizzard with 2 feet of new , to 30 degrees and snowing hard to 33 degrees and sunny. Completely comfortable warm and dry in all conditions thus far!

I have been absolutley pleased with all aspects of the Kjus gear.
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I got both the jacket and the pants at Ski Haus in Salem NH.
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Another Formula Fan

I'm another big fan of the Formula jacket and its by far the warmest, most wind-resistant, most comfortable and lightest jacket I have in a collection of good Spyder, Descente and Salomon pieces... its been amazing to me how this light, slim jacket without any bulk at all is almost like armor against wind and cold... it is the only upper end skiwear I have tried that is worth paying full price for... the only downside to this level of quality, design and performance is that now the word has gotten out and despite trying to hit several shops in Utah and CA to pick up some end of the season bargains (I got my Formula jacket at the end of last season for almost nothing), I found most if not all of their normal size stock had sold out at full price... not so good for my gear collection, but a great development for ski retailing... it shows how you should really do things to maximize fit, looks, performance and function...

When Kjus first came out you mostly saw it worn by women (has anyone seen a woman who didnt look amazing in a Kjus outfit?) and status seekers... but this past season I saw more real skiers wearing the brand than ever before...

The biggest praise is that you dont even notice you are wearing a ski jacket when you are skiing in a Kjus piece... you have total flexibility and range of motion... hard to believe how far superior the line is until you try it yourself...

Now I will shut up or I will sabotage my efforts to buy another piece or two on Ebay

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I have the Typhoon jacket and the performance pants as well as several base and mid layers, all are EXCELLENT QUALITY.. The typhoon is probably the best jacket I've ever owned.. Kjus quality is second to none.. I only wear kjus or Arcteryx, both lines EXCEL..

Word is out however on the Kjus, prices will be going up next year by at least 20% so buckle your belt..

There's another line of clothing that is relatively new called Mountain Force which also utlizes the 4 way strech fabric.. You can find it at Coles in Utah... My brother has a few items and he really likes it, however he has already ripped his pants on the inner boot area on two pairs so only time will tell on quality/durability..

Me, I'm sticking with the kJus for now...
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Cost is kind of relative. Yes, no doubt it's pricey but what you get is a real technical piece. Just go and pick one up and inspect the seams, material feel and then try it on. Kjus uses the best of the best materials and technology. I just wish they made their pants with a fuller cut. Ski Haus in Steamboat was selling thier remaining inventory at 30%! SB isn't exactly a Kjus mountain.
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I checked out Kjus this year for the first time, directly because I read they were sponsoring Bode (see advertising pays). Very well made, but very expensive. Ultimately I bought a Spyder jacket because I got a much better deal but the construction of the Kjus seemed leaps ahead.
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Tried a couple of these on last fall before going with a Spyder. IMO, very nice, lovely touch, extraordinarily pricey, construction quality seemed marginally better than Spyder (already very good), but simplified design marginally worse (less being less, not more, in a ski jacket).

It got down to a very easy cost benefit analysis. For the difference between last year's Spyders on sale at Backcountry vs. Kjus at the shop, I could buy 1/3 of a season's ticket. And would I would wear the Kjus for say 10 years instead of 6 for the Spyder? No contest. YMMV...
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