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Custom boot fitting

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So I was going to wait until next year to get custom fit boots, but I'm going on a trip next week and want to get them now. The fitter I talked to sounds very knowledgable and has years of experience and I have some good referrels. My question is, I'm going to get fitted at a place that I probably won't ski at very often (maybe every two years) and would anyone have a concern with this?

We will start skiing as a family yearly next year and we really like Copper Mountain, but this fitter is in Southern Colorado and I live in Louisiana. Should 4 or 5 days of skiing be enough to get the boots right? This will be my first equipment purchase, I usually rent, so I don't know what would be best. Thanks for any help Jim
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Since you haven't had a reply yet, I'll give this a shot. Five days is plenty to work out all the bugs in fit and balance alignment. You will probably have a pretty good fit right at the shop. A day of skiing and a possible adjustment usually is all most people need.

There are some freaks of nature that just have more trouble fitting a boot. These people usually also have problems fitting shoes. A complicating factor is if you are doing alignment and balance work. It takes more time to understand what is going on with your technique and fine tune the boot cant and balance when for the first time in your life you can actually engage all your ski edges. In my case, I was fitted by SierraJim, who did a great job. This year at ESA, Bud built me footbeds and ground the boot soles to correct alignment issues, and Eric tweaked the internal alignment with SBS shims. I did run out of time in evaluating all those changes over the four days of ESA. However, I did end up much more balanced, and don't foresee additional changes. So part of the answer lies in how complex your fitting is going to be.
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Jimmy76, where are you going? Which "fitter"? Just make sure that he focuses both on how the boot fits your foot and also how it fits your body (balance and alignment).

Most, as Cirque says, can get a good job done in a 5-day trip. Especially if you're willing to drop back in each day and help him get it right.
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Thank you very much for the replies. That really helps my decision to get the boots now. I'm new at personal equipment and just want to go in the right direction from the beginning. I'll be at Wolf Creek for 5 days and can't wait to go and be able to ski without hurting feet! Thanks again, Jim
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