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Resorts around Taos?

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Hi everyone,
So the ladyfriend and I are headed to Taos for a few days in a couple of weeks. She's kind of an art person, so I was able to sell the trip on that basis... She's going to check out the art scene while I go skiing. (Though she's not a skier, she has a lot of other redeeming qualities and I'm working on the skiing thing ) Only I haven't skied at taos before. Who can tell me about the terrain / which resort is better. It seems like a lot of the people I'm talking to have skied Angelfire, but not ski valley- is that what to do?

About me: 5' 9", aggressive skier. I don't know about your ratings... I've been skiing for about 20 years and used to race, but I'm sure there are things that are wrong with what I'm doing out there. I like cutting big lines through steep open areas and also working through steep tight trees and chutes. I don't enjoy the bumps as much as I used to (I've had two surgeries on the same knee). I drop things that are under about 15 feet. Don't do too much park, so that's not important. I ski Seths and High Society FRs, both in a 179. Home mountain is A-Basin.

What resort should I head to and where should I go when I get there? Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks a bunch.
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Taos is an incredible mountian. Rather challenging but really fun and funky. Anglefire (while I have never been there) is way easier and more family oriented. Plus Taos is way closer.
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Taos Ski Valley will keep you entertained for the entire time. No need to venture to Angel Fire. Not worth the drive over.
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Originally Posted by Mom View Post
Taos Ski Valley will keep you entertained for the entire time. No need to venture to Angel Fire. Not worth the drive over.
I was at Red River a few weeks ago and the conditions are not as good as Taos. The level of challenges in Angel Fire and Red River do not come anywhere close to what you can find at Taos.
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I think that answers my question. Thanks everyone.
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Lots of good advice here! One thing to plan for if you haven't seen it on the maps yet: TSV is a good ways from Taos. Half an hour or so to get from town to the hill.
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Ski Taos and stay at 'Adobe Pines' in town, great place, decent price, and GF will be close to all the artsy shops in Taos.
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We are here at Taos village right now, and it is getting hammered.We love it up here..You can choose to spend a couple of days up here, or stay in the valley, and come up..There are some really good resorts up here..BTW they have a GREAT school here for beginners..Cant tell you how good they are..

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some variety

Hi pete, some other places nearby are, worthy Sipiapu,j ust a half hour south of Taos Perhaps spelling is off is great, and Pajarito for at least one day if conditions warrant over in Los Alamos, if you can get up thru the canyon is a real locals mountain.

Red river is a family place on the north side of of taos mountain, Venture up north to wolf creek for the most snow though.

If you are flying into Alb. consider Sandia, the tram ride will get you to the top from the west side without the drive a round, green friendly.

And honestly your wife needs a evening in Santa Fe so why not ski their mountain too.

Enjoy the /vegas,

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If you are staying in Taos, ski at Taos. It is NOT worth the longer drive to ski anywhere else, Taos is the best ski area in NM by FAR. To prove I am not biased, I have a season pass at Santa Fe but that is because we have a condo in SF. All that said if you want to please your GF, the art scene in Santa Fe is second to none and Ski Santa Fe, while not in Taos' class is a fun plce to ski, 1700' vert, good glades and trees.
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Thanks a lot all,
This is great stuff. Maybe I'll convince her to get a lesson while we're there. We're actually headed to santa fe as well for a couple of days at the end of the trip. You guys have me all excited about this.

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Ski School at Taos is consistently rated as one of the tops in the country. Love the terrain at that place. My advice would be to explore - don't be afraid to hike.

One other consideration is that if you are staying up in TSV, that it is quite high - I think the elevation is about 9200. Some folks I know have had trouble with the altitude - so if you're going to spend a day touring in Santa Fe (or even down in Taos) it might help to schedule it early in the trip.
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A bit late but above advise is good. Your description of your ski style and ability and home area says Ski Taos. If you sell the lady friend on skiing, the Taos ski school is always highly ranked. If you want an easy day for you and a less intimidating mountain (the sign at the base of Taos as you view Al's Run (very STEEP) says, "Don't worry, you only looking at 5% of TSV") for the lady, Sipapu is a good family frindly mountain. If you are budget counscious, Sipapu and one downtown Taos Inn has FREE lodging with purchase of a lift ticket.

TSV is about 20 miles from downtown Taos. There is a ski shuttle that picks up at most hotels. One stop is at Indian Hills Inn downtown. Sipapu is about 25 miles from town, Angel Fire about the same. Best part of AF is 2 high speed quads and numerous long skill building trails/runs.
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ski rio outside of taos might be making a comeback in the near future. the place has been closed since 2000.
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