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does anybody know where to exchange $$$$ for euros??
is it better here or in germany/austria???
appreciate honest answers
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What about using an ATM? Of course, it depends on your Card company conditions.
I'm not living in the US, but when I travel in Europe and need foreign money, I'm usually using ATM as my bank doesn't charge foreign withdrawals. This gives me usually the best rate and no commision.

But there are banks, which charge around 1-2% of total amount + fixed fee.
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Yup, I just use my BofA ATM card wherever i go - so i can get local currency.
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It's good to use a CapitalOne card. They have been charging about 0.78% to do a currancy exchange. Some cards charge 2.7%
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Changing cash for cash is about the most expensive way to go. Even if there is "No Commission", you get a bad exchange rate. Use you're ATM card and you get a much better rate.

Also, paying by credit card whenever you can rather than withdrawing cash is a good idea (although credit cards are not as widely accepted in Germany and Austria as they are in the US). You will get charged 1% for using your credit card abroad, but this is still better than any other option.
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I agree, pay as much as possible by card. But check in advance especially for Skipass payment - some resorts do not accept international cards (Visa, Amex, ...). This includes bigger resorts like Pitztal too. Check resort website in advance.
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