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suggested binding for ('04?)Dynastar 64 Speed?

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Couldn't say no to 2 pair of factory-wrapped Dynastar 64 Speed carvers from a few years back, maybe 2004 but could be as early as '02. These have the integrated carving plate with 3 lengthwise notches atop a 64 mm waist. One plate is not pre-drilled, while the other is factory drilled and marked. (Could mean different years? but they otherwise are identical in all but length.)

What were the recommended bindings for these skis? I'm assuming Look Pivots but am unsure of the model/type...

Advance thank you to all responders.
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You are correct. P-10-P-14's or Rossignol Axials. They will fit the pre drilled plate. I suppose you could put anything on the other one, although the Look and Rossignol are preferred.

They were rated very high when they came out and are still some really nice skis.

My wife had a pair back then. Still does for that matter but are semi retired.
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Thanks, I hadn't thought of the Rossi binding...I'll look there, too.

The non-drilled carve plate dimensions are my main concern, then - that the binding I choose doesn't over-reach the shape of the plate.

Coincidentally, the other pair is for my wife, too. She recently had her first go at a slalom run & is hooked. These skis should get her started...)
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I mounted,skiied,sold, several of those skis years and years ago with that Dy/Look plate by mounting another blank plate on top of that Dy/Look plate by using the binding screw holes in the Dy/Look plate for my plate mount. Then I was left with a blank plate. Sure..there are plenty of screw holes in the Dy/Look plate to choose from so they don't conflict with your binding of choice screw holes. I used to like to make 2 piece plates..and use the metal demo Sal. so I could move the boot back and forth.
I just did not get on too well at the time with being TOLD what bindings to use on MY skis. I think that was 2001..the beginning of the NEW round of ski binding/hostage nonsense. Plus I wanted to be able to quickly adjust the boot centre position.
Cheap,fun, never had any problems.
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Copy the consternation with marketing combos...
Re: your mounting innovation - the set-up wasn't too high off the ski?
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The easiest way is to get the new plate height(thickness) a tiny bit thicker than the length of the binding mount screws you want to use. Yes you can get some fairly short binding mount screws. You can use a pretty wide variety of plates that are manufactured. There are 1 piece ones and you can just cut them and screw them on. Or you can make your own. Aluminum or plastic. If you can't find the right length screws..tap the plate you want to use,mount the bindings,and then grind the screws down.There are also some variances in the brake arm lengths between binding models and if that gets ya there are also some longer arms available. In your case..the Dy..the thickest of those factory plates(on the Dy)..iirc..I used the standard length Sal screws, to mount a 10mm plate then just mounted the Sal's on. There was some shortness of the brake arm length and I was going to use bindings with longer arms..but I did not need to.

At the time I was doing this I was SERIOUSLLY BENT!! over the fact that I had done this non-homogenous binding nonsense in the later 1960's and I was HAPPY!! it got cleaned up in the 1970's and HERE iT WAS COMING BACK! Plus the cost of the bindings and my Sal stock pile haha. Now that the hostage stuff is everywhere it doesn't really bother me anymore. I was close to doing some Atomics..but then there were other battles to be fought so I just bought the bindings.

Maybe we can even get to hostage boot/binding set ups. Then maybe some hostage jacket/sleeve..glove set up. Possibilities are endless.
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look px12s, look and dynastar have seemed to work together really well. the rossi axial 120 is in essence the same binding as the px12.
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Just got back in my web-seat after a few days in the backcountry...Thanks for the replies!
I'm going with the Looks. (As an NYC apartment dweller, I'll have to leave the heavy industry to Arnoldtheskier.) Since I haven't been able to come across any P10's locally, I'm looking at the 12's. But they all seem to have a much wider brake arm width than the 64mm fit I'm looking for...
Any solutions? I keep seeing replacement brake-arms in only greater widths.
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