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Contemplating the Volkl Fuegos

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I've been skiing on the Volkl 5 star Attivas for 3 years and are finding they're not keeping up with me. I'm a woman in my 40's with high middle age skiing aspirations! I tried the Fuegos which give me a lot of confidence. They have great hold and turn on a dime. I ski mostly on eastern ice but do travel out west and to Europe and like to try the bumps and powder. I'm looking for a performance ski with versatility. Any other recommendations besides the Volkl Fuegos? Thanks for any insights. :
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Without asking for your stats,(height, weight, ski ability, where you ski), I'll assume you know the type and class of ski you're looking for.

The volkl Fuego is a great choice, and will definitely be a step up from the 5*. In fact, I think its a leap up from the 5*.

IMO you'd be missing out if you don't give yourself a chance to demo the Nordica Olympia Firefox.

It is in the same class as the Volkl Fuego but a step up in performance.
To quote my friend Sierra Jim...........
The Firefox will inspire you to make dive bomber noises!!
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Contemplating Volkl Fuegos

Thanks for the input My stats are as follows: 5'8", about 118 lbs. Advanced (not expert) skier. I do ski mostly groomed, packed Eastern slopes. I 've been told that a high performance all mountain carver would be good for me. The Fuegos are the only ones I've tried so far. I like them a lot but just don't want to miss anything before deciding on them. I assume other companies like Atomic and Solomon make a similar ski too? I'll definitely try out the Nordicas...Fischers were mentioned to me as well but don't know which model?:
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The Fischers you may want to try are the Vision 70(I think the Breeze this year) Hopefully someone more familiar with the fischer line will help you out.

The Firefox is a great ski but its not a ski you can be lazy on.
The Fuego, IMO is a bit more energetic but also a bit more forgiving.

Another ski you may want to try is the Nordica Victory.
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Don't know about eastern hard pack skiing, but the Atomic Sugar Mamas are a nice women's ski. i almost bought them but prefer unisex and have decided on fischer watea 78. Anyhow, the Sugar Mamas turn on a dime, have Atomic's famous tenacious hold and are forgiving in the bumps and good in the crud and if you're out west, they will take you into the colorado powder if not utah depth powder.

They are all mountain skis tho, not specifically carvers. I have a friend who skis the firefox and loves them, but says they are a little 'fast' and she's a very fast and accomplished skier, FWIW.
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