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Hunting Yeti Video

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Please note that on February 15, the first installment of Nimbus Independent's Hunting Yeti will be aired on the Marker web site.

If you take a look at markerusa.com, there is a link to the screen where you can watch the movie. A trailer is seen in the same spot currently.

Unlike any ski movie you have seen before, Hunting Yeti is the follow-up to the award-winning film Idea, produced by Marker athletes Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and Eric Pollard.

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I've been waiting for the first chapter of Hunting Yeti for a while. :

IMO Idea just rocked. If it does not change your view of what skiing can be about - even for mere mortals, you are not paying attention. I can't imagine how many times it's been played in the house...
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The first webisode =

The intro buildup is great. I'll resist the urge to make this a spoiler...
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I'm hooked! :
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Sick, Pollard is sick.
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I've just received my copy of Hunting Yeti and it rocks. It's inspirational if a bit (actually, a lot) short!

Worth seeing.
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cant wait
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