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Mounting Neox 412 bindings

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I have a pair of 06/07 Atomic Metron 11:B5's I picked up without bindings.

Just ordered a pair of 76mm Neox bindings to go with the skis. I'm going to mount the bindings myself, as they're system bindings.

However, I cannot find instructions anywhere for 06 or newer Neox 412 binding installation and setup. Is there a PDF out there?
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Instructions should come with your bindings.
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Right -- just wanted to understand how it works prior to getting the bindings and also see if there is a 'forward' mounting position.
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The Neox bindings that I have had allow you to move them forward or back by taking the central screw out of the middle of the binding and flipping the plate one way or the other. Do the skis have the binding plate already attached?
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You won't have a problem, they are system bindings. Just make sure to double check the din settings.
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If the ski doesn't have the rail/plate attached then it's gonna need drilling for which you either need a jig or you could use the plate as a template.

If the rail/plate's are attached then here's some info re setting up the bindings as the Atomic instructions are useless:
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