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We're headed to Durango for a few days, never been before.
Are there any glades or not-too-tight tree runs (blue or light black) anywhere? Can't really tell from the trail map.


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I don't ski tight trees either, but off of chair 8 there's a run called Paul's park that has some spaced out trees. fun to practice in them.

I was there on Sunday on a bluebird day. Conditions are great!
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they have a ton of snow down there right now so the conditions should be great if you can get there. Paul's park is pretty wide open like it was said. there are a few steeper runs off of grizzley but most of the mtn is pretty intermediate. great views of the san juans and the town is fun.

here are some pictures for what its worth:

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I loved Paul's Park when I was there. I haven't been there in almost 15 years now but I still remember that trip. We got 18 inches in the middle of the week surrounded on either side by glorious sunshine. That is probably one of the best trips I have ever been on.

That gets me thinking...it may be time to return.
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