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Heat Molding Salomon Liners?

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I bought my first pair of Salomon X Wave 10's at the start of the 2001/2002 Season. It was the best fitting, most comfortable pair of boots I have owned yet. Last year I picked up a new pair since the first pair had seen a lot of use and was well worn. I never did heat mold the liners. They fit fine for all of last year and the first part of this year. However, It seems like they have gotten a bit sloppy fitting over the last few weeks. I would assume that heat molding the boots should help solve my issues, but just how much can it fix? What might expect to pay to have this done?
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Heat molding to "freshen up" a pair of packing out liners won't do much. They will definitely re pack out soon. Are the newer boots the same shell size? Time to start bootfitting or looking for aftermarket liners or new boots.
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They are the same shell size. I figured I was safe buying what I thought was more or less an identical pair of boots . I guess I was wrong.
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Who makes aftermarket liners?
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there are various options of aftermarket liner

1 intuition /thermoflex / palau all...... EVA based heat mouldable liners whcih offer good comfort and can offer good performance dependant on the shell fit

2 ZipFit..... cork & ceramic clay binder held in packs in the liner gives a high performance dynamic [constantly mouldiong] fit, holding the foot very well and can be moved into another shell even one of a different shape in the future

3 PU foam injection.... liquid foam injected into the empty bladder which then sets ...high performance fit, limited to the shell that it is moulded in and can be cold

the decision is yours...but i would go to a good fitter and let then help guide you in which direction is correct for both the boots you have and the type of fit you are looking for

good luck
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if the shells are too big you are best hunting for the shell size smaller, not an aftermarket liner.

FYI: the .0 and .5 is the same shell. you need to go from a 27 to 26

what is the shell fit like? 5-15mm?
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I am not sure how much room I have i the shell. I will have to measure them. The first pair fit so well I figured I would be safe with the new ones. I guess I need to pull the old pair out of the basement and see if they still fit better than the current ones.

I see new better fitting boots in the future for both my wife and I.
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