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Heat-mouldable liners

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What is the best tool for heating up a heat-mouldable liner, and what's a good way of moulding them to shape your foot??
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You can buy Raichles Thermoflex liner direct from here: http://www.raichle-usa.com/raichle/p...ermoliner.html
Or if you happen to be a 27.0-27.5 you can bid on this pair of Flexon Comps with the thermoflex liners and essectially get a free pair of shells: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI...tem=1025168610
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next time, I will read the post before I reply to it. Best tool Ifound and tis what Raichle uses for their liners is a confection oven. You could probably use a heat gun, but becareful not to tough the liner with it, it will melt the material.
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Flexons were the very first boot I tried on in my quest for new boots this year, but then when I tried them on, I couldn't wait to get them off. I mean, I'm sure they're killer for someone with narrow feet, but there were waaayy to narrow for me. So I went for some Rossis and they fit my foot just perfectly . Anyhow does a hair dryer produce enough heat (I'm thinkin no but hey, ya never know).
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Just go to a shop and throw 'em on the boot heaters. If you ask nobody will care. As far as fitting them to your foot... just put 'em on once they're warm. Keep them in the boots though. Just slip into the boots, tighten them up and flex them for a while. That's all it takes.
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