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Time to go...

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This Quarter sucks, too many engineering courses at once....

I really need to go ski some trees, and I have the biggest urge to launch a cliff right now.

Just a few more weeks....

That is all.
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Hang in there! From one who's been there, I can confirm that your education is an investment in your future skiing that will pay off with more good days than you can ever imagine from the school library.
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I just discovered Crystal Method on youtube. My roommate thinks I'm on acid...

Stuff like this has really been doing it for me the past few weeks. When I hear a good beat, my mind starts piecing together a ski movie, with all kinds of sick lines that I've never even had the chance to ski.

Test @6pm and I'm doing this sh1t...
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I know what you mean. I've been working 5 days and skiing 2 each week...I need to get that turned around.

So starting Saturday, I'm skiing 9 days straight....then back to the grind.
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Originally Posted by krp8128 View Post
When I hear a good beat, my mind starts piecing together a ski movie, with all kinds of sick lines that I've never even had the chance to ski.
Is this phenomena just beginning now? Or- have you noticed the symptoms in the past?

Other victims of this illness report that the symptoms never stop... ever. Once these images begin to plague the mind, they will occupy the imagination as long as the sick are away from their element.

I was hiking around some buddhist temples last summer here in Japan. While perched next to a shrine railing overlooking the side of the mountain down to the valley I looked back to my wife who was staring at me;
"Nothing, just watching you imagining your skiing."
I hadn't noticed.

On a serious note (not that I wasn't being serious), we're living in a knowledge society now. Every year, it is becoming more and more common for people to be working from mobile environments during all hours of the day. If you have a degree and enter the non-labor workforce, you are closer to skiing every day than any previous generation who chose to be involved with a professional career. The internet bubble burst long ago, and is a much more stable environment than ever imagined. Whatever you are doing with your studies, make sure it involves 2 things; 1- that you can conduct your work from any place on the planet, so long as you have a computer. 2- understand that 80% of jobs 15 years from now do not yet exist due to evolving technologies. who would have thought 15 years ago that today a huge and growing industry would be instructional designers creating online computer-mediated training modules for multi-national corporations.

Don't sweat your quarter. On the contrary, you'll never stop being busy with studies. After you graduate, find a firm that is willing to pay for your online master's. I'm not an engineer, but 90% of the workforce in the international sector are either studying for or have their Master's. I'm finally catching up... for skiing purposes, so I can live at the resort, ski every day, and design training modules in the evening from my desktop in tahoe or Japan, depending on the storm cycle.

(next year, baby, next year.

Okay, I'm done talking now.
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If you don't have a copy of:

I suggest getting one. Probably one of the most sampled albums in pop culture (movies, tv, ads) in that time period, and for good reason.

/met a really cute e-tard at one of their shows once...
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