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Footbeds, The Fitter, The Results

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A couple of weeks ago I had a set of SuperFeet Korks made by a board certified pedorthists at a well know shop in Mammoth. I have had a continuing problem with my heel being pinched in an Atomic CS boot. I went up a size from a 26 to a 27 this year after a couple of times dremmeling the heel of the old boot and really getting little relief and thinking I probably would benefit from a larger shell.

I have formed a bump on the side of my Calcaneal . Stoped in at SBS Vail on the top of the mountain. It looked like an easy fix to the fitter there as my bump was where my wire for my boot heaters exited the liner so he cut a slit throug the toe box. He also showed me that despite the deeper heel pocket my Korks had they had not been posted corectly to provide support along the side of the bed and they needed trimming in the toe area. The adjustments they made helped and I added another wedge I had on the inside of my left boot ( I am a flat footed pronator) that night and felt less pinchin the next day.

The guys at SBS Vail are consumate professionals and wouldn't say a disparaging word about the beds I had made elsewhere, that was left to the guy I was skiing with who remarked if there was anything right about the beds I had.

I didn't get to go back for more tweaking. I believe its pretty hard at first pass to fix every issue going on, so I would like to get some inputs on what I think might be responsible for the rubbing I am getting at the base of the calcaneal.

I think I'm still getting a bit of heel roll over that could be improved by trying to compensate with wedges on the inside which I associate with reducing the amount my heel can roll over in the boot.

I don't appear to have a thick wide heel a wear a medium shoe and by appearances my heel doesn't look to be wide.

Does the Atomic CS have that tight of heel pocket that it requires grinding for most people . I have a little over a finger of space when I shell fit.I don't feel like the sides of my heel are too tight when barefoot in the shell.

The Korks are much thicker than the SureFoot beds I had previously. Is it likely the beds need to be tapered in the heel to provide more room?

All inputs greatly appreciated.
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It is very critical that any footbed be trimmed and tapered to fit into the liner and the shell. Take the footbeds out of the liner and put them into the shell.
Does the footbed heel area fit into the heel area of the shell without being deformed of pressed? Does it sit flat? If it doesn't, you've got a problem.
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to back up what Billy has just said, the footbed must sit flat in the shell and allow a small amount of space either side for the liner, if it is being impinged then there is an issue which needs to be rectified either by

removing material form the footbed, replacing the footbed or removing plastic from the shell

the heel pocket in the CS is pretty narrow but not unfeasibley so, if the foot sits into the shell in the correct place and there is a little space either side of the heel then the footbed should sit below the foot and there should be no problem.... sounds to me as though the footbed needs a bit of a grind

BTW i fit a lot of superfeet kork and do not have too many issues in that boot [if it is ground correctly] but this all dependfs on the foot...try putting it into the Ti and there can be big problems

good luck
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