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Looking for new skis

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I currently ski on a pair os Volkl Supersport 6 stars in a 168 and a pair of Rossi World Cup RX in a 167 (I got a smoking deal on theses) The Rossis are a lot of fun to ski at the local mole hill where the snow is either ice or slush for most of the year. The Volkl's are still one of my favorite skis I have owned. However I am thinking I need to pick up something wider and longer for trips out west and when the snow goes to completely to hell around here. I skied the the Stockli Stormrider XL in a 174 last year while I was Tahoe and I loved it but I am not convinced that it would be the best choice for what I am looking for. What about legnth?

And for the background on me...I am 5'10" 245 lbs and I pretty solid advanced to expert skier. I generally ski at higher speeds and would still like to be able to ski it on firmer snow. Being able to ski bumps really isn't important since I have other skis that are good for that.
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Do you plan to ski it on mostly firmer snow on piste, or use it quite a bit off piste as well?
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I'm just thinking you should definitely go longer than 174 for a powder ski at your weight.. Go wide and long
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I want them to be able to plow through the slush and other junk snow we get here in the midwest as well as to offer some float if we get fresh snow on a ski trip out west. I was kind of leaning towards something around a 180.
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Check these out


I've got a pair of the stiffs and love them. They are quite stiff. I bought them as a charging ski to bust through crud. I already have a softer powder ski.
The softs sound like they could be exactly what you are looking for. They are really not all that soft from what I have read.

Do a search over on TGR and you'll find some more info.

I am also a Volkl man.

Also look around for the $100 off promo code it can be found on the pmgear forum or I think I saw it somewhere here on Epic as well.

They are an extremly well built ski. When PMgear says everything is top of the line they are telling the truth.
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If you are a Volkl guy go for a Mantra. If you do not want to go that wide get an AC40.
Lots of others to choose from so a better description of what exactly you want the ski to do and what waist width you are thinking of would help in making more recomendations.
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How wide do you want to go? I'm selling my AC4s because they are not wide enough. I thought they were great in the pow until I actually got on a real powder ski. I then realized that they are not that good. The Mantras are nice. I thought they are a bit heavy but that could have been the demo binders on them. The Gotama is is better in the pow and on groomers but not as good in the crud.
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