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Question after demo...

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I hope I am posting the question in the right forum...

I am an intermediate skier looking for a pair of new ski. After demoing (1st time for me) the Elan Speedwave 10, I have a question -

How do I know that this is the right stiffness for me (or would the SW12 be too stiff?)?

I don't seem to have any issue asking the ski to make different size turns and I like the responsiveness. I didn't have to struggle with it, nor did I find the speed limit (I was at a small hill). It is certainly a big step up from the low end XRC (generic ones) I have. Hence my thought - this seems to be a great ski for me then? But should I go for the SW12 which presumably would be stiffer (but would it be better for me? )?

Some background: I'm 5"8', 125lb and like to carve turns. Still taking lots of lessons. The night when I tried the SW10 - it was mostly hard pack (I ski in the East) with some cut up stuff. Not that icy though.

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You need to try more skis. If a shop at the mountain rents demos, and you can talk them into letting you switch during the day at no extra cost, do that. If the local shops and manufacturers' reps have a demo day, try as many skis as you can try.

Keep in mind that for any one line of skis, they get stiffer as they get longer. The length isn't as important as the stiffness, but the length is the only factor they share with us. You might like the SW12 in one size shorter than the SW10 that worked well for you---except with your size and level you're probably on the shortest size anyway.

I like Head skis a lot. The Head XRC800 might be a very good choice. If you try a few more skis and the SW10 is the one that put the biggest smile on your face, then that's the ski for you.
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I have to disagree

I have found that a ski that is soft at a longer length can be reasonable at a shorter length. ex. head XRC800 - hate it at 170 but it works OK at 163

At 125 lbs you will not find that you need a terrifically stiff ski
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Thanks for the comments all...

I have exact same thoughts as Mike - doesn't matter how good I m eventually, with my weight, I probably will never be able to generate as much absolute force/torque as a 150/200lb person. Hence, a not-so-stiff ski might work to my favour even in the long term?

As far as demo-ing more: the selection is pretty slim around here (e.g. SW10 is the only one for demo in the SW line). Then there are ones that I don't want to pay so much (e.g. Volkl Tigershack) or ones that I wasn't considering (e.g. Magfire 10, Rossignol Z5/9 as I skied mostly groomed). I think I can find a Head SS to try but that might be too advanced for me?
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Go for the Supershape in about 155 cm give or take.

It is usual for skis to be stiffer in longer lengths, but there might well be exceptions. Also if the ski isn't particularly adept at speeding, going longer only makes it even less adept at speed.

A ski that is too stiff will try too hard to unbend itself when you tip it over and press it into the ice, causing you to be unable to maintain a tight arc on ice or very hard snow, unless you have a lot of weight to keep it pressed down into the ice.

Also a ski that is stiff will require you to be skiing faster with more momentum to be able to bend it into a curved shape than a ski that is less stiff.

A ski that is too soft will not be able to transmit force out to the tips and tails and will likely not be stable at higher speeds.
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