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Last day at Fortress ...bad slide

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This should have been the wind up party for this area today but turned into a search and rescue and now a recovery . We have fatalities and injuries , but the bad thing about this is nobody is sure how many might have been in there , my 11 yr.old daughter who some of you guys have met at Fernie was on the chair with me and also saw the whole thing as well her little sister and my wife 2 chairs ahead of us caught the end of it. She's been upset and mad about it all day , can't understand why somebody would duck the ropes. Kind of took the thrill out of a great snow day for the whole family.
I don't want to sound morbid but this slide today was a prime example of lack of experience and respect for mother nature , last weekends major dump , warm all week getting the snow setup hard overnight , rain last night and fresh heavy wet snow to finish it off this morning....nice recipe for a slide. It's to bad that it isn't taken serious enough by alot of the younger crowd and some older ones.....get the training before venturing out , that powder looks great but can be deadly!
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That's a real tough one. For you and your children to have to see that as well as the loss of life and injurys..

Our prayers for the victims, the families of the victims and the people that have the unfortunate job of having to recover the victims and inform the surviving family and friends..
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That's awful! I hope your lovely girls are dealing with this okay.
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Two Dead/Males/ 17 and 22 years old
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The problem with OB1, where the silde occurred is that is so quick to get to. 90 seconds off the chair your on OB1. Last weekend when Fortress got about 18" of great powder I could of skied it but didn't as it was already tracked out and I could find powder in the trees inbound. And OB1 is a avie chute clear in simple for the mountain above. There is a reason for all those big rocks in the bottom of the bowl and lower down there is a reason for the trees being so small.
On Monday did traverse OB1 on our way to OB2 , we had transeivers and I had a shovel and probe poles. Now if I had been caught.. note to self get another shovel.
So why didn't I ski it yesterday?
- 5 " of very wet snow was not that appealing
- didn't bring transeiver as was expecting +7° and rain
- was skiing alone and wife would give me heck if I skied out of bounds alone
- usually don't ski OB1 anyway as looking up from bowl gives me willies
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Lisa the girls are doing ok , they are more mad than anything due the fact they saw these kids go into the chute earlier and saw them everytime we went up the chair. They even commented on them being in there long before it came down. I ended up helping which probably made it more personal to them than it should of been . There has been more of a problem with this out of bounds thing this season than in the past , the managment adopted the policy of no inverted manouvers aloud after far to many injuries and a death at Nakiska (another area 15 miles away under the same managment). Since this came about the patrols have noticed a very large number of boarders ducking ropes to build a kicker just out of bounds where they all try to get into next years videos, the patrols knock them down when they come across them but the kids build another one fifty yards away . Yesterdays slide appeared to be triggered by a small piece of cornice that dislodged (probably due to the high winds) , that piece only started a very narrow little slid that came down about fifty yrds. where it fractured across the slope and funneled into the chute. Doug your right on the mark about that area , the shoulder and snow field above are mostly convexed . They had no idea how much danger they where in.
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There have been some really big slides this year. Take a look at this site, shows some pics of some pretty big ones around Utah this season.

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This year to date, there have been 45 deaths from avalanches in North America. Here is a link to the report on this one:

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Those are interesting sites Alta, the pictures show alot unfortunately until you have seen one in action or the results most still won't understand the scope and strength of a slide and some will still chose to ignore the warnings. Also the slide at Fortress was only a few feet out of bounds not a mile like the police stated.
The lack seriousness and respect of a slide was very evident the other day, all adjacent runs where closed for obvious reasons yet the patrols that had been posted faced snowboarders that berated them and hasseled them for closing good runs . These idiots even had so few brains that they still ducked ropes farther down from the top , unbeleivably this is under the same ridge/shoulder that slid, only around the side to the back.
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