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What is a good all round off piste ski?

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im around 5'9 140lbs i would consider my self and advanced/expert skier who skis mostly in BC. I would like to think that i ski relativly fast.

I shopping around for skis and was wondering if some of you could help me out. Im looking for something that can do alot of things well, bomb the groomed and ski pow although its mainly going to be used as a powder and off piste tool. Im looking to ski anything with powder on it so steeps, bowls and reasobly tight trees at medium to high speeds. Altough I would be using it generaly in soft snow, it is also important that it can handle variable conditions i.e crudy, windblown and ratty snow.

I am also looking at mounting it with an AT binding so i can do side country tours as well so i guess it would be best if it wernt too heavy.

any way i am currently looking at Dynastar Legened Mythic Riders in the 171 or 178 length. but am worried that this might not have enough float obviously the next logical step is the Pro Rider but it has alot of metal and i dont think i am heavy enough for that ski. So does any one have any suggestions of a ski of similar stiffness and modest to moderate sidecut with abit more waist than the mythics.

I have also been told that elan 888 and head im88 as well as volkl gotama(if i wanted more waist) would all be good options.

any one got some suggestions
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Welcome to epic mate BC = blackcomb? - or where are you from?

I'd suggest:
Völkl Gotama
Völkl Mantra
Head Mojo 90

just my 0,02€
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Mythic Rider = good choice
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Yes, the Mythic is awesome and you'll have a tough time finding anyone with anything bad to say about them. I was torn between them and the Head Mojo 90 during my shopping research. I went with the Mojo because it is a twin tip (turn faster) and felt it would give me a smidge more float in the deep. I cannot stress to you how great this ski is as an off-piste ski. Superbly agile, smooth and confidence inspiring. I just wish I got more powder around here to play in! Oh, and I'm 5'9" and 160 and I have the 176cm model. Perfect for bowls, trees and pow pow pow. Other choices you may want to check out: Volkl Gotama, and the Fischer Wateas are great skis too. (they come in both the 84 and 94mm waist.) And I believe Dawgcatching may have a few of the Mythics left in his MLK day blowout in the "deals for epicski members" section of the forums. (Because price is always a factor.) Welcome to Epic! May the avalanche of info and conflicting opinions not drive you mad!
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By BC i ment British Columbia, yeah some one did say the head mojos, but i do prefer not to have a twin tip, maybe i should look into the fischers in the 94 waist
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ow yeah an i really like the sound an look of the mantra, but i thought it might be to stiff for my weight has any one around my size ridden them?
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Fischer Watea is said to be soft, so maybe they'll work for your weight. I'm your size and I'm going for the Mantra, but I usually ski 180cm GS skis..
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FWIW, I rode up the chair at Les Arcs with a guy about your size (or smaller) who was on 177 (or maybe 170) Mantras...said they were stiff, but he loved them...there are also some very good reviews on this site for the Watea 94 and I think they are part of Dawgcathings current sale (see deals for members)...good luck
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ok im thinking i will just go with the mythic rider atm. thnx for all the help but one more thing.

If im going to mount AT bindings for side country and short tours only should i go with freerides or dukes? i know i don nead a 16 din but does the wider platform make a big difference and seeing as its actually not that much more for the dukes am i better off with them?
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