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Salomon Elios Degree?

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Is this a decent all-mountain boot? My local sports warehouse has them pretty darn $cheap$ (160) right now for a pair. They'll be riding on Volkl S5's w/ the Marker 11.0 Ipt. I'm not racing or anything, just want something reasonably responsive and comfortable (warmth not really an issue...I have hot feet, haha). Now I know I won't be at a bootfitters or anything de facto for this set, but they felt nice in the store. These things stiff enough to steer the Supersports?
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big volume boot, VERY big volume. also a thick liner so they will pack out more then most boots. And soft

if that is what you want / fit, great, if not, stay away.
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Thanks for the advice, lion. I've been doing more research and talking to more boot folks -- sounds like I'll be best off w/ a boot that has at least a 90+ flex rating. Got my eyes on a Lange Fluid 90 or 100 right now.
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