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Great Escape Lodge & Gore Mtn

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We're heading up to Great Escape Lodge & Gore Mtn for the President's week off. I've never been up that way before. I will be with the family. Any suggestions of where to get a good bite to eat? Nothing very fancy, just looking for some good eats.

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If you post your question here I think you'll get a lot of info. Click on the Gore forum - many locals in the know.
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Will do - thanks
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Great Escape has restaurant within....wouldn't recommend it. Best eats close to the lodge is the Log Jam (go out to Rt 9, turn left, it's north less than a mile on the right.

Gore is a great family mountain. Haven't been there in 2 weeks, but they've gotten some snow lately.
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We found the Log jam on our own and Mario's in Lake George Village - both were very good. Trappers in the Lodge was real bad and way overpriced. We had appetizers only at Trappers and that was enough. Good burgers at Gore mountain....a bit pricey but isn't all mountain food.

This was my first time at Gore and I tought it rocked! Great conditions and a great mtn. Holiday weekend and the crowds were minimal.
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