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I finally got some high-res images of my skiing at Snowbird a couple weeks ago, and wanted to post them up for analysis. I'd really like to have a video, but this is a start. Please comment if you see any tweaks I can make to improve my skiing, or if you see anything that looks particularly noteworthy. I didn't know I was being photographed here, so this is probably representative of my typical skiing (ie, when I'm not trying to show off for the chics). From what I remember, I was making relaxed, medium radius turns on a steep blue or easy black. I'm skiing Fischer Watea 94 skis, 186cm.

Here I am at the end of one turn, starting the transition to begin the next turn. I see myself looking towards that new turn and swinging my left pole forward for a plant. My right leg seems to be relaxing and extending a bit as I start to reach into that pole plant, and my right ski is clearly easing up in angle compared to my left ski.

Here I am sinking into that new turn:

I noticed my mouth is open in both shots, which probably means I am a gaper : or maybe I was just breathing heavy from all the fun . Anyhow, comments/feedback would be welcome.