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Volkl Karma Delaminated, do I need a new ski?

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After skiing park for a couple hours at the Canyons, Park City today, I looked down in horror at my ski tips on the lift, and noticed that top sheet on my left ski was peeling off. About 5 inches down the ski (and all the way across) had come unstuck. I took it to my guys at the shop and they said that it could be epoxied. They are going to do it.

However, does anybody know if such a repair will last, or am I really only buying myself 10 or so days before it happens again, and so these skis are on their last legs. The reason I ask is that I can get a pretty good deal on Volkl Bridges right now, and if I need to replace these anytime in the nexst 10-15 ski days, I'd do so now. My karmas are in great shape otherwise.
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How old are your karmas? If they're fresh, I'd call them lemons and probably won't survive the fix. If they're more than a season old, I'd just let the shop epoxy them and not sweat it.

My logic is that if a new ski is delaming so quickly, it ain't over yet. But, if it's a well-skied ski and finally delamming, you've probably seen the last of it.
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Yeah, I'd also base the decision on the age/usage of the skis. How many days on them? Do you take them in the park?

It's not unheard of to rivet the tips and tails of twin tips, in fact some come from the factory like that. If it makes sense to do a long term repair, then epoxy them *and* throw a few rivets in the tips and tails (stainless steel 3/16" rivets and washers will do the trick, and I have a box of them somewhere if you want a few). That ought to nearly eliminate recurrence of the de-lam if it was due to usage.

If delam is due to a genuine ski defect/failure and not usage, then they will likely de-lam no matter what you do -- a repair might be like plugging one leak only to spring a new leak someplace else. If the layers want to separate, they will.
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If the skis are less than one year old, Volkl will warranty them for delam.

Like the Explosiv, your ski may have a metal top sheet. Metal skis are very prone to delam if smacked down on a hard, (ice) surface. You can delam such a ski just stomping down on firm snow. It's not really a defect, but it is warranted in the first year.

Clamp and Epoxy will work as a repair IF that epoxy is flexible, similar to the epoxy used by Volkl, unlike epoxy you can buy at the hardware store. My explosiv's were repaired successfully by a shop once, the epoxy was black in color and very flexible.
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Thanks for all the support. I definiltey have beaten them up. I think the delam was caused by tip chipping from skiing moguls, and so the it just came off. I have close to 50 days on them so I'm guessing its not a defect, but they are definitely out of warranty.
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clean with isopropyl alcohol
drill - countersink
insert quality epoxy
insert screws or rivets into countersunk holes.
leave clamped for 3-4 days in warm environment.
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